Monday, August 3, 2015

The Last Patriot - Brad Thor

The Last Patriot is the seventh novel in the Scot Harvath series. Is being in the right place at the right time Scot's blessing or curse?
Scot still hasn't forgiven the president for basically putting a hit out on him. By pure chance Scot and Tracy are there to save the president's biographer from a car bomb. Now they're embroiled in a plan to change Islam forever, but Islam is fighting the change. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Atlantis Gene - A.G. Riddle

The Atlantis Gene is the first novel in the Atlantis Trilogy. As an Amazon Prime member, I borrowed this book for free.
Humans somehow survived a great catastrophe thousands of years ago. This survival was helped by what's called the Atlantis Gene. Now a secret organization is about to start another catastrophe. This time a plague that could decimate the world's population. Two people are trying to stop this plan. Dr. Kate Warner and agent David Vale must work together to solve the mystery of the Atlantis Gene and stop the Immari. This book makes tinfoil hat conspiracies look sane. It's a good read, but much too complicated with too many players. Not to mention, the players change their names from time to time. I won't be reading the rest of the trilogy, but if you like this kind of book I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The First Commandment - Brad Thor

The First Commandment is the sixth novel in the Scot Harvath series. You know you're going against the grain when the president wants you stopped -- dead or alive.
At the end of Takedown Scot's friend Tracy was shot by an assassin's bullet, right on Scot's doorstep. Now Scot is determined to find the terrorist; a terrorist from Scot's past who continues to attack those close to Scot. The president has other ideas. He orders Scott to stand down. When Scot refuses, the president gives the order do whatever it takes to stop Scot. Now Scot has to watch for terrorists and his own special ops buddies. They're all determined to stop Scot. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Takedown - Brad Thor

Takedown is the fifth novel in the Scot Harvath series. What would you do if terrorist hit America again, and this time the death and destruction is nothing more than a diversion.
When NYC is hit by a wave of terrorist suicide bombers, Scot Harvath is in town to meet some friends. It turns out suicide bombers weren't the only terrorists in town. It's time for Scot and his friends to meet some terrorists. Lots of them. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blowback - Brad Thor

Blowback is the fourth novel in the Scot Harvath series. The world is so dangerously to a Sunni Caliphate.
Scot was working for DHS. Now he's sort of on his own, since there's a senator looking for his scalp, along with most of the word media. Even when Scot's on his own he's still fighting for America. This time against a plot that's going to use a weapon that's thousands of years old to kill most of the non-Muslims in the world. Very highly recommended.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Winter Territory - Scott Blade

Winter Territory is the second novel in the Get Jack Reacher series. This book is free with Kindle Unlimited.
This time Reacher has drifted onto the Lakota Red Rain Reservation in Wyoming during a blizzard. It just so happens there are some rogue CIA agents wanting to destroy the place at the same time. Reacher can't let that happen. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gone Forever - Scott Blade

Gone Forever is the first novel in the Get Jack Reacher series. I was skeptical, but now I'm hooked. It may not be Jack Reacher, but it's Reacher.
Cameron Reacher is 18 and out of high school. Reacher never new who his Dad was. His single Mom told him his Dad was dead. But she's gone now, and with her dying breaths she told Reacher the truth and told him to find his Father, Jack Reacher. Cameron is on the road now, looking for his Dad. But just like his Dad, Reacher is a trouble magnet. And Reachers never leave trouble unsettled. Very highly recommended. I suggest reading Lee Child's The Affair before this book. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

State of the Union - Brad Thor

State of the Union is the third novel in the Scot Harvath series. Must keep reading!
The old-guard Russians have found a way to hold America hostage with dozens of man-portable nuclear bombs planted around the country. The president has until his State of the Union address to capitulate to the Russians or watch the country be destroyed. It's Scot's job to find a solution to this problem. How he does it is definitely worth reading about. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Path of the Assassin - Brad Thor

Path of the Assassin is the second novel in the Scot Harvath series. More adventure and a new beautiful woman.
Scot Harvath is still a secret service agent, but he's on a special assignment to sweep up every single person responsible for the kidnapping of the president and the killing of his fellow agents. Someone else is also tracking the same people, and killing them one after another. Scot realizes something bigger is going on here. When Scot realizes just how big it becomes a national priority. Terrorists are about to start a war in the middle east and Scot has to stop them. It doesn't hurt the story when a beautiful woman is the only one who can identify the terrorist leader. Very highly recommended.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Grimnirs - Ednah Walters

Grimnirs is the third novel in the Runes series but it's considered book 2.5. This time we view things from Cora's perspective and backtrack a little to get her side of the story. Read the first two books to keep from getting lost. They're worth it.
Cora feels betrayed. Her two best friends seem to have abandoned her, and her parents sent her to a mental hospital. It all started at he swim meet disaster when Cora started to see souls. Now Cora is determined to find out what's happening to her and hopefully get her friends back. What she doesn't count on is the Grimnir that her body double was having an affair with. Warning: this is the first book in the series that resorts to sex scenes. Too bad, but the book is still a great read. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Back to War - C. G. Cooper

Back to War is the first novel in the Corps Justice series. This book is free for the kindle. Revenge is a two way street.
Former Marine Staff Sergeant Calvin Stokes and his fiancée Jessica Warren were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were strolling through downtown Nashville at the same time a gang initiation was taking place. Cal and Jessica were the initiation. But instead of easy pickings, Cal stood up to the gang. The consequences were devastating for Cal and the gang leader, Dante West. Both feel the need for revenge. If and how they get it is the thread this story follows. Cal is no ordinary Marine, but Dante is no ordinary thug. In spite of some rough editing, this is a great story. And it's free. Very highly recommended.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Lions of Lucerne - Brad Thor

The Lions of Lucerne is the first novel in the Scot Harvath series. I'm going to be reading this series, even if I have to pay for them.
Scott Harvath is an ex-navy seal and current secret service agent. Scott is assigned to the presidential protection detail. Scott's service as a cold-weather navy seal makes him perfect to be in charge of the advance team for the president's ski vacation in Utah. When the entire group of agents with the president is slaughtered, and the president is kidnapped, Scott is determined to get him back. The action kept me on the virtual edge of my seat and up way too late. The ending is nothing but awesome. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gathering Prey - John Sandford

Gathering Prey is the 25th novel in the Prey series. This is a turning point for Lucas Davenport.

Lucas Davenport is finding his job mundane. Eventually they promote you above the point where your job is fun. Then his daughter Letty has Lucas meet with a traveler named Skye. Skye's friend Henry was murdered by the devil. Lucas starts digging into the case, but when Letty is attacked by the murderer, Lucas makes the devil's capture a priority. This is classic Sandford. You can't put this book down until your eyes shut on their own or you're finished. Very highly recommended.

Concrete Evidence - Rachel Grant

Concrete Evidence is the first novel in the Evidence series. This book is free for the kindle.

Rachel Grant is trying to start over after her reputation was ruined when she took a job that went bad. Rachel won't ever work as an underwater archeologist again, but there are other choices. Now Rachel is trying to get revenge on the man who ruined her life, but her new intern is ruining her concentration. Life is never fair. Excellent book. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Loved by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins

Loved by a Dragon is the third novel in the Dragon Archives series. Sadly, it's also the last book in the series.

Keira and Aaron are settling into married life. Keira’s younger sister, Anna, has made her home at Storbrook. Anna is annoyed and frustrated by a young dragon name Max who came to Storbrook to visit. Anna and Max both loudly proclaim their dislike of each other, but when Anna needs help, Max is there for her. Then Keira and Anna are both kidnapped by a rival for Aaron's rule, and things get interesting. There has to be another book at some point. The ending was solid, but Anna and Max went separate directions and that's not acceptable! Highly recommended.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Immortals - Ednah Walters

Immortals is the second novel in the Runes series.

Raine Cooper survived the havoc at the swim meet and she's back in school. The problem is that all the people who saw Raine trying to tell people a catastrophe was coming, now think she's a witch or worse. Raine has to live with her new reputation, and try and win back Torin, since the Norns wiped any memories Torin had ever had of her and their relationship. More supernatural adventures, but this time with some gods and grimnirs in the mix. Highly recommended.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Runes - Ednah Walters

Runes is the first novel in the Runes series. This book is free for the kindle.

Raine Cooper is just turning seventeen. Her Dad is missing from a plane crash, school is just starting, Raine wants her childhood "friend" to become more, and then Torin moves into the house next door. Raine has a lot going on in her life and Torin is really going to complicate things. Not necessarily in a good way. This supernatural novel uses Norse myths to turn a typical story of teen romance and angst into something more. I already paid for the second book in the series. Highly recommended.

Chasing Darkness - Danielle Girard

Chasing Darkness is a murder mystery with a tragic twist.

Samantha Chase has a lot on her plate. She's a special agent for the State of California Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement, Bureau of Investigation. Sam investigates child abuse cases now. She used to be a homicide detective. Then her twin nephews became her responsibility and her priorities had to change. Now a serial killer case she worked on when she was in homicide has resurfaced. The problem is the murderer she caught years ago, was just executed. Who's killing now? This is a tight tense story with great characters. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pursued by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins

Pursued by a Dragon is the second novel in the Dragon Archives series. This book actually takes place before the first novel. It provides some back story for the characters in the series.

Cathryn Forrester is every bit the lady, but Cathryn is also the daughter of a successful wool merchant. With no mother in the picture, Cathryn is all about business and has no time for silly notions like love and romance. Until she meets Favian Drake. Cathryn also doesn't believe in dragons. Favian is going to teach her that both love and dragons are real, and Cathryn's world is about to be changed forever. Very highly recommended.

Sworn To Ascension - Terah Edun

Sworn To Ascension is novel six in the Courtlight series. When I finished I discovered seven isn't written yet!

Ciardis and her band are about to head west to Kifar. The secret to stopping the Blutgott and the derailing the destruction of the empire waits there. Kifar lies in a desert filled with danger. Ciardis seems to attract danger like a moth to flame. An apt saying when a dragon hijacks the entire party. More adventure and now I have to wait for novel seven to be published! Very highly recommended.

Sworn To Defiance - Terah Edun

Sworn To Defiance is novel five in the Courtlight series.

Ciardis is still tangled in court intrigues as well as her personal relationships. Ciardis becomes a full member of the Companion Guild so that she and Sebastian can negotiate a marriage contract. While these negotiations take place, Ciardis discovers that she and Sabastian, and she and Thanaar are Seeleverbindung, or soulbound. The implications of this are going to change everything. Another great story. Very highly recommended.

Sworn To Secrecy - Terah Edun

Sworn To Secrecy is novel number four in the Courtlight series. I've been reading them without blogging. They're that good.

Ciardis Weathervane is now forced to navigate the Imperial Court of Sandrin. Ciardis would rather be fighting shadows in the Ameles forest or frost giants in the north, but the Imperial Court it is. Ciardis soon finds it can be more deadly than any Kith she's faced, and it's much harder to identify your enemies. Another great one in the series. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sworn To Conflict - Terah Edun

Sworn To Conflict is the third novel in the Courtlight series. This book is $2.99 for the kindle. Addicting!

When we left Ciardis in Sworn to Transfer, she'd just helped defeat the army of shadows and personally destroyed the Shadow Mage. When Ciardis picked up a strange silver bar the Shadow Mage dropped, she was instantly transported to the frontlines of the war in the north. Ciardis is now dealing with the cold, the snow, the army, chimeras, frost giants, and more strange and deadly Kith from legend. Ciardis is also dealing with secrets that the general is keeping from her and Sebastian. What is the war in the north really about, and who is the true villain? Another great adventure. Very highly recommended.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sworn To Transfer - Terah Edun

Sworn To Transfer is the second novel in the Courtlight series. This one is 99 cents. I'm hooked on this series.

Ciardis has saved prince Sebastian's life multiple times by now. The Companions' Guild and the Emperor think they need to be separated for a while. When Ciardis is sent to the Ameles forest to try and solve the Kith murders, she discovers another Weathervane. Who is this stranger who isn't supposed to exist? More adventures, intrigue and magic, along with some serious villains. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sworn To Raise - Terah Edun

Sworn To Raise is the first novel in the Courtlight series. This book is free for the kindle.

Ciardis Vane is an orphan. She managed to make it to seventeen with hard work and luck. Ciardis does laundry for a living now. It barely pays for her room and board, but it's what she knows best. Ciardis is destined for better things. She just doesn't know it yet. She's about to find out. This is a great adventure. From washer woman to companion, mage, and the friend and confident of Prince Sebastian, heir to the throne. I've already started book two. Highly recommended.

Bound by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins

Bound by a Dragon is the first novel in the Dragon Archives series. This book is free for the kindle.

Keira Carver is 22 and still single. She's an old maid by village standards. She's waiting for the right man, but it could be a long wait in her village. Keira is the only villager who doesn't fear the dragon who has been flying over the area lately. She actually enjoys watching it soar through the air. Then one day a stranger named Aaron Drake came to market. He actually flirted with Keira. The problem was Drake lived in Storbrook Castle, and it was known to be near the lair of dragons. Little did Keira know how her fate and that of the dragon were joined. This is a good story. I like the author's take on dragons. Highly recommended.

Alpha - Colin F. Barnes

Alpha is the first novel in the Code Breakers series. This book is free for the kindle.

It's the year 2153 and Gerry Cardle has just won the lottery. The trouble is the winners of this lottery have to die to maintain the proper population density. Gerry is not happy. Especially since Gerry is in charge of the algorithm for picking lottery winners, and he's supposed to be exempt. Gerry is about to find out there's more to modern society than he realized. Gerry is about to go off the grid. This is a good science fiction story about yet another dystopian future. Think a combination of Mad Max and Oblivion. It's not great but worth reading, and it's free. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Distant Sun - Grant Boshoff

A Distant Sun is a short science fiction space opera. It was free when I downloaded it. It's now 99 cents.

Alynna is carrying the key to the survival of her entire race back to her homeworld. Someone wants her mission to fail. This story is short but good. Too bad they started charging for it. Recommended.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Cypher - Julian Rosado-Machain

The Cypher is the first novel in the Guardians Incorporated series. This book is free for the kindle.

Thomas Byrne just moved in with his Grandpa Morgan in Carlsbad California. Thomas' parents disappeared, along with their whole ship, while on a cruise. Thomas' Grandpa was his closest relative. What Thomas and Morgan didn't know is that they were special.

Guardians Incorporated has been around for thousands of years, using one name or another. When Thomas and his grandpa can successfully read a job ad that the Guardians place in the paper, they're recruited. Fighting monsters and trying to save the world wasn't in their initial job description, but it eventually becomes part of the deal.

This is a young adult book, but still interesting. There's lots of action, and an extra bonus if you're a Lovecraft fan. Highly recommended.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Date with Fate - Tracy Ellen

A Date with Fate is the first novel in the Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series. This book is free for the kindle.

Anabel Axelrod has many good qualities. She's an independent woman who owns her own business. She's a good friend and sister. This book about Anabel's adventures is funny and suspenseful at times. It's also one of those books where you learn the signs of impending introspection overload and start skimming. I did that a lot.

However, for all of Anabel's good qualities, she's also a slut. I almost stopped reading this book after the first chapter. It's all about her playing out her rape fantasy. The ending made me wish I had quit after that first chapter. This story had a lot of potential, but didn't provide what I want in a book. Not recommended.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

King's Folly - Sabrina Flynn

King's Folly is the second novel in the Legends of Fyrsta series. It's not free, but worth paying for. Unfortunately the third book isn't out yet.

As A Thread in the Tangle ends, Isiilde, her new bonded Marsais, her father Oenghus, and three warriors of the blessed order, Acacia, Lucas, and Rivan, have just walked through a portal into a swarm of reapers. It just gets more interesting from there. They have no idea where they are and how far they'll have to travel to thwart the plans of the new bloodmagi Archlord Tharios. They meet new friends and make new enemies along the way, but they stick to the course. They're focused on stopping the evil that Tharois is planning. This is a great story. Very highly recommended. Now to wait for book three.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Copy - Grant Boshoff

The Copy is a science fiction legal thriller. This story is more of a novella than a full length novel. This book was free for the kindle when I downloaded it. It's now $2.99.

Geoffrey Bartell is a very busy man. Geoffrey is the head of a bio-tech company fighting for its corporate life against government regulations and moral outrage. Geoffrey decides it would be easier to win this fight if there were two of him. But what do you do with your copy when you're done with him? A great story with a surprise ending. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Thread in the Tangle - Sabrina Flynn

A Thread in the Tangle is the first novel in the Legends of Fyrsta series.

Isiilde Jaal’Yasine is a nymph. This is an unfortunate thing for her, as in this age nymphs are nothing more than property. Valuable property, but nothing more. Isiilde will be sold to the highest bidder when she comes of age. Until then Isiilde is apprenticed to the Marsais, the Archlord of Wise One's Isle, and guarded by her father Oenghus, a Nuthaanian Berserker. How Isiilde is woven into the fabric of Fyrsta is the story, and a great story it is. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Perk - Mark Gimenez

The Perk is one of those books you can't put down. I seldom read a 500+ page novel in one day, but this one was an exception.

Beck Hardin was a lot of things. A football star, a lawyer, a husband, a father, and a son. Beck was not happy. When Beck's wife lost to cancer, and he finally realized he couldn't be a lawyer and a single father, he took his two kids and headed back to someplace he swore he'd never go. He headed to his childhood home in Texas. Beck learns that the law of unintended consequences ensures that life is not fair, but sometimes the good guys win. Beck is a good guy. This is an amazing novel. Very highly recommended.

The Fall - Annelie Wendeberg

The Fall is the second novel in the Anna Kronberg Thriller series. I recommend you read the first novel, The Devil's Grin, to appreciate this book. It's worth appreciating.

Anna Kronberg has been hiding since her escape at the end of The Devil's Grin. Alas the person who finds her is none other than Professor James Moriarty. He needs a bacteriologist and Anna is the best. This time it's Anna struggling against the evil Moriarity, with a little help from Sherlock Holmes. Very highly recommended.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Demon And His Witch - Eve Langlais

A Demon And His Witch is the first novel in the Welcome To Hell series. This book was free when I downloaded it. It's now $2.99 for the kindle.

Ysabel wasn't planning a painful death. The people of her village had other plans though. Ysabel was a witch and they'd decided she needed to burn. Now almost 500 years later, Ysabel's burning again. Every day. To stop this torture she has to capture the five souls who escaped hell and bring them back. Lucifer assigns Remy to help Ysabel. Ysabel hates Remy because he represents everything she hates in men. They warm up to each other eventually, and the story heats up at the same time. This is an entertaining tongue-in-cheek romp through hell. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Adrift - C. G. Cooper

Adrift is a novel in the Corps Justice series. This book was free when I downloaded it. It's now $3.99 for the kindle.

When Daniel Briggs wakes up he's not sure where he is. He's in a barn, but where is the barn? Then Daniel hears someone people coming for him and his survival instincts kick in. Daniel is out of the Marine Corps now, but once a marine, always a marine. The down of Defuniak Springs Florida is as corrupt as they come. Everyone is owned by, or owes, Max Laney. Unfortunately Daniel defended a waitress at the local bar from Laney's grandson Johnny. Trouble is coming. This is a great story and a good introduction Cooper's writing. Very highly recommended.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars is the first novel in the Pretty Little Liars series. This book is free for the kindle, and way overpriced.

Clearly this is not my kind of book. Teenage angst is not my favorite genre. I have seven granddaughters though, and I thought I'd see what it was about. I thought the "ghost" aspect would make it interesting. I only continued to plow through this headache in order to resolve who the "ghost" was or is. And in a further act of disappointing the reader, the author never resolved that issue. I highly recommend nobody ever read any of this author's books again. I know I won't. Do you really need a specific recommendation after that?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

AMP Private War - Stephen Arseneault

AMP Private War is the second novel in the AMP series. You can't have too many space battles or aliens.

In this installment of the AMP series Don and Frig are still the crew of the Swift, but Don's fleet has grown so large they've started to terraform a planet to base their new government on. I big changed from one rogue messenger ship taking on the Milgari. The fight seems to be going their way, but more surprises are in store for the Swift's crew. Plenty of action, aliens, and adventure. Very highly recommended.