Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cleon Moon - Lindsay Buroker

Cleon Moon is the fifth novel in the Fallen Empire series.
Alisa, her passengers, and her crew are headed to Cleon Moon. There's a good chance Alisa's daughter was taken there after she was kidnapped. But Cleon Moon is infested with two nasty problems. The first is mafia clans and the second is dinosaurs. Alisa and her group end up dealing with both problems. Explosions ensue. Very highly recommended.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Relic of Sorrows - Lindsay Buroker

Relic of Sorrows is book four in the Fallen Empire series.
Alisa and her ship the Star Nomad are off to the mystery coordinates from an ancient nursery rhyme. The ship now holds Alisa the pilot, Mica the engineer, Beck the security officer, Yumi the science teacher with chickens, Leonidas the cyborg colonel, Alejandro the doctor, and now Abelardus the starseer. It's getting crowded, especially with the chickens. When the Star Nomad encounters a ship where everyone onboard is either dying or dead, and that ship passed right through the mystery coordinates, the mystery gets much more dangerous. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Starseers - Lindsay Buroker

Starseers is the third novel in the Fallen Empire series.
Alisa and the Star Nomad are headed to the planet Arkadius. That's where they hope to find the Starseers. Alisa hopes to get her daughter back. Leonidas and Alejandro are more interested in being able to research the mysterious orb in the Starseer library. None of them expect the trouble that's about to come down on their heads, or in the case of the Starseers inside their heads. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Your Secret Admirer - John Locke

Your Secret Admirer is a stand-alone novel. Be warned. It is totally cringeworthy.
Locke may have gone too far this time. The characters in this novel will go to just about any lengths to get what they want. I mean any. Tinley Cooper is the best salesperson the company has ever had. Then she's fired for no apparent reason. The reason is she has a secret admirer who is the most manipulative bastard you can imagine. The extremes that the secret admirer go to are amazing, scary, and sometimes disgusting. Not highly, but still recommended if you're a Locke fan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Honor's Flight - Lindsay Buroker

Honor's Flight is the second book in the Fallen Empire series.
Alisa, her passengers, and her crew are going to Perun in the only Nebula Rambler 880 left in the galaxy. At least it's Alisa's. The problem is Alisa and her crew served in the Alliance and Perun is now the last bastion of Imperial forces. Alisa's daughter is on Perun and she's looking forward to seeing her again. Having to navigate through Imperial roadblocks will make it a challenge, but Alisa has no idea how challenging it's going to be. More great space adventure. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Girl Like You - John Locke

A Girl Like You is book six in the Donovan Creed series.
Donovan's girlfriend Rachel has been kidnapped. He's going to get her back no matter who he has to kill. Being a government assassin, killing is not a problem of conscience for Donovan. However, the government is who has her, for a very special reason, and Donovan is going to have to work to pull this off. Very highly recommended.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Star Nomad - Lindsay Buroker

Star Nomad is the first novel in the Fallen Empire series. Buroker has branched out from fantasy to science fiction, and it's glorious.
Captain Alisa Marchenko was a fighter pilot for the Alliance. The war is over and the Alliance won, but Alisa and her engineer Mica have been stranded on the dead-end planet Dustor for five months. Alisa's daughter is on Perun and that's where she needs to be. She and Mica are planning to salvage the Star Nomad and escape this dust ball. Alisa grew up on the Nomad. It was her Mother's freighter. But there are complications. An Imperial cyborg for one. The White Dragon mafia for another. And then there are the pirates. It's going to be quite an adventure. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Diplomats and Fugitives - Lindsay Buroker

Diplomats and Fugitives is the ninth novel in the Emperor's Edge series.
Basilard is the official Mangdorian ambassador to the Turgonian Republic. That's because the Mangdorians can figure out what else to do with him. When a blight threatens the Mangdorian food supply Basilard enlists the Turgonian president's daughter to help solve the problem. When the Kendorians turn out to be the problem the solution may mean a war. That's if Basilard and his party can survive. Very highly recommended. A series that should never be over :(

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Decrypted - Lindsay Buroker

Decrypted is the third novel in the Encrypted Series.
Tikaya and Rias have made it back to Tikaya's home islands. The greeting is less than cordial for Tikaya and hostile for Rias. Apparently having a Turgonian on the islands is making people nervous. Especially a Turgonian interested in building a submarine. There is a secret that is hidden in the past and Tikaya and Rias need to find it in order to stay together. Maybe even to survive. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Enigma - Lindsay Buroker

Enigma is the second book in the Encrypted Series. This is a short story at best, but worth the read.
While Tikaya and Rias are trying to get home after the adventures in Encrypted, they get passage on a ship with a puzzle of its own. The captain has a stolen magical flute that the original owners want bad enough to send three warships to retrieve. Tikaya's skills with language and Rias' experience with other countries help save the day, but barely. Very highly recommended.

Encrypted - Lindsay Buroker

Encrypted is the first novel in the Encrypted Series.
Professor Tikaya Komitopis was arguably the one person who brought the war between Turgonia and Nuria to an end. Her decrypting of Turgonian messages and passing them along to the Nurians kept the Turgonians from taking over the Nurians and her own people of the Kyatt Islands. But when the war was over the Turgonians kidnap Tikaya, partly for revenge and partly because they need her to decrypt a language never seen before. Tikaya is locked in the hold of a ship with one other prisoner know as five. They join forces and eventually overcome their Turgonian capturers and so much more. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Her Last Goodbye - Melinda Leigh

Her Last Goodbye is the second novel in the Morgan Dane series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Morgan is pulled into the case of a missing wife and mother. The woman disappeared and nobody knows why. The husband is worried he's going to be a suspect, even though he has two little children to take care of. Morgan doesn't want let an innocent man go to jail again. Plenty of suspense and excitement. Not to mention Morgan and Lance finally realize they're more than friends. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Oaths - Lindsay Buroker

Oaths is the eighth novel in the Dragon Blood series.
You'd think that planning their wedding would keep Ridge and Sardelle plenty busy. They still find time to thwart Tolemek's kidnappers, stop attempts to steal the king's dragon blood, deal with Ridge's mother's magic delusions, and someone is pregnant! Very highly recommended.