Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dead End - Barry Friedman

Dead End is free for the kindle. This is a murder mystery, and a very good one. It's just a bonus that it's free.

Al Maharos is a homicide detective with the Youngstown Ohio police department. Al starts out investigating the murder of a workman's comp lawyer. The lawyer's body was left at a dead end road along I-77. While following up on this murder Al investigates a possible connect to a couple of murders in the Canton Ohio jurisdiction, also along I-77, and also committed on the seventh of the month. Al eventually teams up with Stark County sheriff’s deputy Karen Vandergrift. Al and Karen work the murders with the goal of stopping the next murder on July seventh. Can they find the killer before he kills again? This is a solid police thriller, with some very likable characters, and a truly twisted villain. Very highly recommended.

The Book of Deacon - Joseph Lallo

The Book of Deacon is the first novel in Book of Deacon trilogy. This book is still free for the kindle. The other two books in the trilogy are only $2.99, and I'll be reading them. I'm canceling netflix and sticking to books. This is the series of books that pushed me over the edge.

Myranda has been drifting from place to place for most of her life. The Perpetual War between the kingdom of Tressor and the Northern Alliance had been raging for 150 years when Myranda was born. She's seen her entire family succumb to the conflict. Myranda is for peace, and in a land where no living soul has ever known peace, that makes Myranda an outcast.

While seeking shelter from a storm, Myranda stumbles on the site of a battle between a warrior and a dragon. There Myranda finds a magnificent sword. The fate of the world now seems to hinge on Myranda and the sword. Magic, marvelous creatures, and a world on the edge, make for a story I couldn't put down. I'll definitely read the other books in this trilogy. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Grave Gourmet - Alexander Campion

The Grave Gourmet is a Capucine Culinary Mystery. This book is $9.19 for the kindle, but was free when I downloaded it. If you like murder mysteries with a big dose of humor this book is for you. Be prepared for fashion, food, and Paris.

Capucine LeTellier is a police detective. Capucine's background placed her in financial investigations, but she longs for a chance to dig into a real crime. When a murder occurs in a fancy Paris restaurant she is given a chance, because her husband is a well know restaurant critic. Capucine starts slow, but as the investigation continues she proves herself up to the task. Humor and food spice up this murder mystery. A little too much fashion and fancy for my taste, but the mystery part was just fine. Highly recommended.

The Tower - Simon Toyne

The Tower is the third novel in the Sanctus Trilogy. This book is $11.04 for the kindle. It's well worth the price. I had to read them all.

Liv is doing her best to discover the meaning of the prophecy that she's caught up in. What does the end of days really mean? At the same time Gabriel is fighting for his life in the Citadel, as the virus that began there is slowly spreading. In a new thread, FBI Agent Shepherd is trying to solve the problem of sabotaged NASA telescopes and the murder of scientists. All threads converge at the new Eden when the end of days arrives. Very highly recommended.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Head To Head - Linda Ladd

Head To Head is a Claire Morgan novel. This book is $1.99 for the kindle. It was free when I downloaded it. What starts out as a country murder mystery quickly turns in to a serious serial killer thriller. Try to say that three times fast.

Claire Morgan is a homicide detective in Canton County Missouri, the Lake of the Ozarks. When a young starlet turns up dead, the owner of the resort, and the starlet's psychiatrist, Dr. Nicholas Black, becomes Claire's number one suspect. This story has plenty of action, suspense, and some serious romance. It also has bodies starting to pile up, and Claire has to be careful to stay off that pile. Very highly recommended.

The Key - Simon Toyne

The Key is book two in the Sanctus Trilogy. This book is $8.06 for the kindle. Had to read it. This trilogy is that good.

In Sanctus Liv and Gabriel survived the release of the sacrament. In The Key Liv and Gabriel realize that Liv has become the key and that she must get to the Eden before time runs out and the world as we know it ends. More suspense and action as this amazing story continues. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Creatures of Man - Howard L. Myers

The Creatures of Man is free for the kindle. This book would be a bargain even if they charged for it. It contains a great series of 19 hard science fiction stories. Some short and some long. All worth reading.

None of the stories in this book are stinkers. They take place far into Earth's future. Can you imagine a butterfly with intelligence? Can you imagine a non-human telepathic intelligence that rules an entire planetary system? Can you imagine a future where money is in units of admiration? These stories should be read in order, because some follow the long standing econo-war between the Lontastan Federation and the Primgran Commonality. I enjoyed every tale. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sanctus - Simon Toyne

Sanctus is the first book in the Sanctus Trilogy. This book is $8.54 for the kindle. It was free when I downloaded it. I don't normally pay for books, but I will be paying for the rest of this trilogy.

Liv Adamsen is a reporter on the crime beat at a large New Jersey paper. Liv never dreamed that thousands of miles away, in Ruin Turkey, her brother was about to start her on an adventure that would change her life forever. This book trumps the best of Dan Brown. An amazing cast of characters, a great ending, and a religious mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. I will gladly pay for the rest of this trilogy. Very highly recommended.