Sunday, November 29, 2015

Papal Justice - C. G. Cooper

Papal Justice is the tenth novel in the Corps Justice series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
When violence against Christians in Mexico gets the attention of the pope he asks the president for some help. Cal and the Jefferson Group are the president's team of choice. They discover that Islamic terrorists are behind the violence. The action gets intense, and the bad guys are stomped, but the ending just plain sucks. It's not a cliff hanger, but I may never read this author again. You have to wonder what the hell he was thinking.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Shelter From The Storm - Tony Dunbar

Shelter From The Storm is the fourth novel in the Tubby Dubonnet series. This book was free when I downloaded it. It's still free through kindleunlimited.
Tubby Dubonnet is a lawyer living in New Orleans. When Mardi Gras comes around, the weather rebels and the whole city is flooded. It just so happens that a bank job, that's not really a bank job, takes place at the same time. As Tubby is trying to escape the water, he and the bank robbers collide. The result is bodies piling up and Tubby doing his best to solve the crime. This novel is very parochial, and would be much more interesting if I knew anything about New Orleans. Still, this is a good murder mystery and highly recommended.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sarah's Courage - Karen Leet

Sarah's Courage is a children's book with special meaning for Kentuckians. This book is part fictional story and party Kentucky history.
This book is described as a Kentucky frontier kidnapping. The first part is a fictional story based on the true-life kidnapping of Daniel Boone's daughter Jemima. The second part of the book is a recounting of Jemima's kidnapping by Indians, and many tales of life in frontier Kentucky.

I found the first part interesting and entertaining, and expect my grandkids to feel the same. The second part was more dry and a little preachy. It's too bad that the author felt the need to season an interesting historical book with tidbits intended to make our ancestors seem guilty of everything from genocide to ruining the environment. My advice is read part one and then use part two for a door stop. Part one is still highly recommended.

Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner - Rush Limbaugh

Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner is the fourth kid's novel in the Adventures of Rush Revere series. You'll be in better shape if you read them in order.
Rush Revere and his crew head to Washington D.C. on a summer field trip. The goal is to explore the monuments and famous buildings located there. While on their field trip Liberty takes some of the crew back to the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787. Later they time travel to a British ship in Baltimore Harbor in 1814, where the national anthem is being written. This is another exceptional children's book that provides a good adventure and a look at history the way it really happened. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

STATELINE - Dave Stanton

STATELINE is the first novel in the Dan Reno series. This book is free for the kindle.
Dan Reno is veteran a PI. He's not too crazy about his boss, but it's a living. When Dan gets invited to a big fancy wedding in Lake Tahoe, he thinks he's just going to have a fun weekend. Instead Dan finds himself embroiled in murder, sex, drugs, and police corruption that crosses both sides of the California/Nevada state line. This is definitely an adult story. The action is intense and the bodies keep piling up. This one was a little too raunchy for my taste, but it's still a great read. Highly recommended.

Chain of Command - C. G. Cooper

Chain of Command is the ninth novel in the Corps Justice series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
When a scheming industrialist decides it's time for the Marine Corp to be destroyed, it's Cal and the Jefferson Group who are called on to stop the plot. More adventure and action with the good guys winning. Well almost. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Immortal Nicholas - Glenn Beck

The Immortal Nicholas is Christmas story for adults, told from a completely new perspective. Not that Christmas! This is about the one where Christ is still included.
A couple of thousand years ago, give or take, a simple man name Agios lived with his wife and son. Agios heartbreak and grief would lead him on an amazing journey, with some legendary traveling companions. A journey that would last for eternity. This is an amazing book. Whether you're a Christian or not, this is a story that will keep you reading long into the night. Very highly recommended.

Disavowed - C. G. Cooper

Disavowed is the eighth novel in the Corps Justice series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Andy Andrews is a US Marine serving with the CIA. When Andy disappears after a mysterious call to Cal, it's up to Cal and his men to find and rescue him. The CIA has disavowed Andy, so the team from the Jefferson Group are on their own. The question is how far does the corruption go and can they find Andy in time. Another great Corps Justice story. Very highly recommended.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Moral Imperative - C. G. Cooper

Moral Imperative is the seventh novel in the Corps Justice series. Reading this series in order would help. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
It's about time. Cal and his team take on ISIS. They're fortified with three-man teams from a number of other countries and the result is glorious. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dying for a Living - Kory M. Shrum

Dying for a Living is the first novel in the Jesse Sullivan series. This book is free for the kindle. It's a great story.
Jesse Sullivan is a Necronite. She gets real upset when she'd referred to as a zombie. Jesse has died over 60 times. It's what she does for a living. Now someone is trying to permanently kill Jesse, and that means there's a mystery to solve. This is a great new twist on the supernatural genre and well worth reading. Especially when it's free. Very highly recommended.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Nemesis: Book Two - David Beers

Nemesis: Book Two is the second book in the Nemesis series. You must read this series in the right order. Book one is still free. There's no book three yet, but there will have to be one.
Things are getting more dangerous in Grayson. Michel's Dad has a sobering moment. Then Michael's Dad and Bryan's Dad hook up and start looking for their kids. Unfortunately, everywhere they look they find dead bodies. Michael and Julie are being held captive by the "cleanup" team, while Bryan and Thera are still possessed by Morena. Morena is trying to rescue her children, but the "cleanup" team is in her way. This is going to be much worse than Bolivia. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beyond the Veil - B. B. Griffith

Beyond the Veil is the second novel in the Vanished series. You should read them in order. Follow the Crow is the first. I suspect there will be more eventually. There should be.
Grant Romer is just eight years old. His parents have been dead almost two years, so Grant lives with his grandpa in Midland Texas. Grant can see the thin places and they're getting thinner.

It's been about a year since Ben, Caroline, Owen, and Joey beat the agents and saved the bell. Ben is still the walker, Caroline and Owen are on the road now, trying to find the bell, and Joey is still working in the thinning. Caroline and Owen are getting help from other members of the Circle of the Crow, but the bell hasn't been found yet.

All that changes with Grant, when a new Keeper is found. Can the Circle of the Crow save him? It's going to be an interesting battle. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lethal Misconduct - C. G. Cooper

Lethal Misconduct is the sixth novel in the Corps Justice series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
To be safe, SSI has split off the covert actions portion of their work, and put Cal in charge. Their new facility, near the University of Virginia campus, is starting to shape up. The latest problem they're looking into is to figure out how someone is curing cancer. This sounds like a good thing, until they discover what's really going on. Then it's time for Cal and his crew to stop the bad guys again. Very highly recommended.

National Burden - C. G. Cooper

National Burden is the fifth novel in the Corps Justice series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Now that Cal's cousin Travis is the new president's chief of staff, working closely with SSI is simpler. Cal is called in by President Zimmer when things get hot. What Cal and his crew discover is that foreign powers aren't the only ones trying to undermine the new president. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cosega Shift - Brandt Legg

Cosega Shift is the third novel in the Cosega Sequence series. The series should be read in order.
A disappointing ending. More running from the NSA, FBI, Vatican, Mossad, and who knows who else. More mystical secrets revealed. More people killed. The trouble is the novel ran out of gas before the end. Actually there were so many unresolved issued it shouldn't be the end, but supposedly it is. Maybe Legg will write more novels in the series, but I doubt it. It ended with an epilogue instead of a cliff hanger this time. Still, you have to know how it ended. Recommended.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cosega Storm - Brandt Legg

Cosega Storm is the second novel in the Cosega Sequence series. You must read book one, Cosega Search, before this book.
Rip and Gale make it down from the cliff hanger and continue to elude the Vatican, FBI, NSA, and even Booker. Eventually they split up, but it's a wild ride all the way. Then another cliff hanger. The third book is in the queue! Highly recommended.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Follow the Crow - B. B. Griffith

Follow the Crow is the first novel in the Vanished series. This book is free for the kindle.
Ben Dejooli lives with his father and his grandmother. Ben is a Navajo police officer on the Chaco Navajo Reservation. Ben has never been the same since he lost his sister six years ago. That's when Ben decided to be a cop. Now strange things are beginning to happen to Ben.

Caroline Adams is an oncology nurse at Albuquerque General. Caroline works one day a week at the health center on the Chaco reservation. She and Ben meet when he's admitted to the hospital after passing out. Ben thinks it's from a punch he took while on the job. Caroline thinks something else.

Dr. Owen Bennet works at Albuquerque General too. He's one of those doctors who respect what a nurse does. Little does Owen realize that he's about to be included in an adventure that will change everything he thought he knew.

This is a story where Navajo magic trumps medical science, and pretty much everything else. It's a great story, with a great ending, but there will be more. Very highly recommended.

Cosega Search - Brandt Legg

Cosega Search is the first novel in the Cosega Sequence series. This book is free for the kindle.
Ripley Gaines is one of the world most famous archaeologists. Dr. Gaines' Cosega theory contradicts all of known human history. Now a fellow archaeologist has found an artifact and it appears Rip's theory has some proof. Someone doesn't want that proof to come to light. Rip and his friends are running for their lives. This is a great story with a literal cliff hanger at the end. Even though I hate cliff hangers I'm highly recommending this book.