Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Loved by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins

Loved by a Dragon is the third novel in the Dragon Archives series. Sadly, it's also the last book in the series.

Keira and Aaron are settling into married life. Keira’s younger sister, Anna, has made her home at Storbrook. Anna is annoyed and frustrated by a young dragon name Max who came to Storbrook to visit. Anna and Max both loudly proclaim their dislike of each other, but when Anna needs help, Max is there for her. Then Keira and Anna are both kidnapped by a rival for Aaron's rule, and things get interesting. There has to be another book at some point. The ending was solid, but Anna and Max went separate directions and that's not acceptable! Highly recommended.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Immortals - Ednah Walters

Immortals is the second novel in the Runes series.

Raine Cooper survived the havoc at the swim meet and she's back in school. The problem is that all the people who saw Raine trying to tell people a catastrophe was coming, now think she's a witch or worse. Raine has to live with her new reputation, and try and win back Torin, since the Norns wiped any memories Torin had ever had of her and their relationship. More supernatural adventures, but this time with some gods and grimnirs in the mix. Highly recommended.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Runes - Ednah Walters

Runes is the first novel in the Runes series. This book is free for the kindle.

Raine Cooper is just turning seventeen. Her Dad is missing from a plane crash, school is just starting, Raine wants her childhood "friend" to become more, and then Torin moves into the house next door. Raine has a lot going on in her life and Torin is really going to complicate things. Not necessarily in a good way. This supernatural novel uses Norse myths to turn a typical story of teen romance and angst into something more. I already paid for the second book in the series. Highly recommended.

Chasing Darkness - Danielle Girard

Chasing Darkness is a murder mystery with a tragic twist.

Samantha Chase has a lot on her plate. She's a special agent for the State of California Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement, Bureau of Investigation. Sam investigates child abuse cases now. She used to be a homicide detective. Then her twin nephews became her responsibility and her priorities had to change. Now a serial killer case she worked on when she was in homicide has resurfaced. The problem is the murderer she caught years ago, was just executed. Who's killing now? This is a tight tense story with great characters. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pursued by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins

Pursued by a Dragon is the second novel in the Dragon Archives series. This book actually takes place before the first novel. It provides some back story for the characters in the series.

Cathryn Forrester is every bit the lady, but Cathryn is also the daughter of a successful wool merchant. With no mother in the picture, Cathryn is all about business and has no time for silly notions like love and romance. Until she meets Favian Drake. Cathryn also doesn't believe in dragons. Favian is going to teach her that both love and dragons are real, and Cathryn's world is about to be changed forever. Very highly recommended.

Sworn To Ascension - Terah Edun

Sworn To Ascension is novel six in the Courtlight series. When I finished I discovered seven isn't written yet!

Ciardis and her band are about to head west to Kifar. The secret to stopping the Blutgott and the derailing the destruction of the empire waits there. Kifar lies in a desert filled with danger. Ciardis seems to attract danger like a moth to flame. An apt saying when a dragon hijacks the entire party. More adventure and now I have to wait for novel seven to be published! Very highly recommended.

Sworn To Defiance - Terah Edun

Sworn To Defiance is novel five in the Courtlight series.

Ciardis is still tangled in court intrigues as well as her personal relationships. Ciardis becomes a full member of the Companion Guild so that she and Sebastian can negotiate a marriage contract. While these negotiations take place, Ciardis discovers that she and Sabastian, and she and Thanaar are Seeleverbindung, or soulbound. The implications of this are going to change everything. Another great story. Very highly recommended.

Sworn To Secrecy - Terah Edun

Sworn To Secrecy is novel number four in the Courtlight series. I've been reading them without blogging. They're that good.

Ciardis Weathervane is now forced to navigate the Imperial Court of Sandrin. Ciardis would rather be fighting shadows in the Ameles forest or frost giants in the north, but the Imperial Court it is. Ciardis soon finds it can be more deadly than any Kith she's faced, and it's much harder to identify your enemies. Another great one in the series. Very highly recommended.