Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marked - Elisabeth Naughton

Marked is the first novel in the Eternal Guardians series. This book is free for the kindle.

Casey Simopolous runs a book store by day and she's a waitress in a strip club by night. Casey is trying her best to make ends meet, but her grandmother's hospital bills make the two jobs a necessity. Unfortunately the hospital couldn't save Casey's grandmother. When a huge bruiser of a man bumps into Casey in the club, she has to take a moment to recover. Why did he affect her so? Later while Casey's driving out of the club parking lot she sees the same man being attacked, but by what she can't tell. Casey rescues the man and later learns his name is Theron. Theron is more than a man. It turns out Casey is more than a woman. Together they're in for some adventure that will change Casey's world forever. Plenty of suspense, daemon fighting, and lust. A little too heavy on the lust if you ask me. Still highly recommended.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Beneath the Surface - Lindsay Buroker

Beneath the Surface is the sixth novel in the Emperor's Edge series, but the author has designated it as 5.5. She wrote it so I'm not going to argue. It's a great book regardless.

Amaranthe's team gets separated trying to avoid Enforcers. The goal is to get back to the capital by steamboat, but there's something on the boat that threatens the entire empire. Amaranthe and her Emperor's Edge have to eliminate that threat. Another great story. Very highly recommended.

Blood and Betrayal - Lindsay Buroker

Blood and Betrayal is the fifth novel in the Emperor's Edge series. I'm happy to note that there's no cliff hanger this time.

In book four Amaranthe was captured by Forge, just as the pages ran out! In this episode Amaranthe is still a prisoner, and it's not a pleasant experience. Sicarius is intent on finding her, and the rest of the Emperor's Edge is intent on figuring out what Forge is up to, while simultaneously guarding the young emperor. Failing to do so would make Sicarius mad, and you don't ever want to make Sicarius mad. More suspense, adventure, humor, and some romance to spice things up. Not that these stories need it. very highly recommended.,

Monday, November 24, 2014

Do or Die - Suzanne Brockmann

Do or Die is the first novel in the Reluctant Heroes series. This book has a plot as twisty as southern Indiana country roads.

Ian Dunn is an ex-navy seal, con man, and suspected jewel thief. Ian is also in prison. That's about to change, but not in a good way. The government wants Ian to rescue some kidnapped kids, but what the government doesn't know is, letting Ian out of prison is going to cause more trouble than they can imagine. This book is one sticky situation after another. There's no good place to put down the book. It's even got a few steamy scenes for those who like them. But this story is mostly action and more action. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Conspiracy - Lindsay Buroker

Conspiracy is the fourth novel in the Emperor's Edge series. Warning, there is a wicked cliff hanger at the end. I'm very disappointed.

This time Amaranthe and her band of outlaws have a mission that could finally win over the emperor. The emperor has personally contacted them to kidnap, the emperor. It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing is. Without any spoilers, you might learn more about Sicarius' mysterious black knife, and more characters join the Emperor's Edge, at least for a while. This story has plenty of action, adventure, and laughs as usual. I hate cliff hangers though. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Elusive - Sara Rosett

Elusive is the first novel in the On The Run International Mysteries series. This book is free for the kindle.

Zoe Hunter shuns conventions like working in the office. She's officially a "Jill of All Trades," and her kitchen is her office. Unfortunately when Zoe divorced her ex-husband Jack Andrews, the housing market was headed down the drain. Zoe and Jack still share the same house. Zoe gets the downstairs and Jack gets the up. Then Jack goes missing, and the police think he's died. Well, until they find Jack's partner's been murdered with Jack's gun. Zoe finds out there's a lot about Jack that she didn't and doesn't know. But she's about to find out. This is a great murder mystery with humor, action, and maybe some romance. That is if Zoe could just keep track of Jack. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Linkage: Alien Blood Thirst - Jay J. Falconer

Linkage: Alien Blood Thirst is the first novel in the Narrows of Time Series. This book is free for the kindle. This is science fiction that keeps mutating as you read.

Lucas Ramsay thinks he's responsible for the death of humanity. Lucas and his brother Drew are both with the astrophysics department at the University of Arizona. Their gravity wave experiment may have caused the end of the world, but that remains to be seen. There's a lot going on here that Lucas and Drew are not aware of. When they find out, their understanding of the world will change forever. This story is a tedious romp, with physics and aliens, that ends with a cliff hanger. By the time I got to the cliff hanger I no longer cared if they live or die. The plot switches back and forth from hard science that could cause a headache, to juvenile pranks that left me scratching my head. The tale got more weird as it went along. The second book in this series is free also, but I'm not reading it. I did finish this book. It may be just what some people want, but I barely recommend it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ice Cracker II - Lindsay Buroker

Ice Cracker II is just one short story in this collection of short stories based on the Emperor's Edge series. This collection is 99 cents for the kindle.

Amaranthe and Sicarius are featured in these three stories about the Emperor's Edge and their quest to gain the favor of the emperor. Amaranthe's group is always battling the magic that their kingdom refuses to admit exists. From ghosts to saboteurs, the team continues to fight the good fight in hopes someone will notice. These stories are a great blend of steampunk, magic, and humor. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Sorcery Code - Dima Zales and Anna Zaires

The Sorcery Code is the first novel in the Sorcery Code series. This book is free for the kindle.

Two years ago, Blaise was a respected member of the Sorcerer Council. Then the council condemned his brother to death and Blaise was outcast. To try and bring magic to the commoners, Blaise has created an object directly from the Spell Realm. This object isn't what Blaise expected though. Blaise's object could change everything, and not necessarily for the better. Spells, soldiers, and beautiful magical objects. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Operation Oracle - Mark E. Cooper

Operation Oracle is the third novel in the Merkiaari Wars series. You should read Hard Duty and What Price Honour first.

The viper commander, general Burgton, is trying to improve the vipers' ability to model the future. It would be good to predict the next Merkiaari attack before it happens. For this they need to find a working AI. Since AI's were outlawed hundreds of years ago, that makes it quite a challenge. More fighting and space adventures to keep you up reading at night. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Price Honour - Mark E. Cooper

What Price Honour is the second novel in the Merkiaari Wars series. You should read Hard Duty first. This is a great series.

When Hard Duty ended the Merkiaari were hammering the Shan in the Harmony system. The ASN Canada seemed to get away in time to bring some help, but will it be enough. Even if help comes, the Vipers are going to need some new recruits.

When we left him in Hard Duty, Eric was running for his life. A squad of marines is coming to his rescue, but when a Viper needs rescuing there must be big trouble. Gunny Gina Fuentez is leading the marine squad, and while they rescue Eric, her marines take some serious losses.

Kate Richmond is an ISS agent, but basically she's an assassin. She's on the planet Tigris to kill a rebel leader before his rebellion gets too big. Kate is very good at her job. Maybe too good.

This book is so hard to put down. The battle scenes never let up. This is an excellent sequel to Hard Duty. Very highly recommended.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hard Duty - Mark E. Cooper

Hard Duty is the first book in the Merkiaari Wars series. This book is free for the kindle. This is the kind of hard science fiction that keeps me reading all night.

It's been two hundred years since the Merkiaari's galactic empire declared war on humans. Over sixteen billion humans died. Now the survey ship Canada has encountered a system with an unknown space faring species. Will they be as dangerous as the Merkiaari? Captain Jeff Colgan will have to be careful. He doesn't want to start another war. This book is so jammed with adventure and suspense it's hard to put down. It ends with so many unanswered questions, and is so good, I've already ordered the next two book in the series. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Assassin's Curse - Lindsay Buroker

The Assassin's Curse is a short story that meshes with the Emperor's Edge series. I suggest reading The Emperor's Edge first. The order with respect to the rest of the series isn't crucial.

Amaranthe and Sicarius find a destroyed Turgonian military steam tramper containing a cache of new weapons prototypes. They suspect Nurian spies of trying to steal the technology, but the spies flee to Darkcrest Isle. Darkcrest Isle is cursed by the spirit of a Nurian warrior mage. Amaranthe and Sicarius have to stop the spies without falling under the curse. It won't be easy. A great short story in the Emperor's Edge timeline. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rush Revere and the American Revolution - Rush Limbaugh

Rush Revere and the American Revolution is the third book in the Time-Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans series. This is great book for kids and adults alike.

This time Rush Revere and his students travel to the times and places important to the American Revolution. Cam is having trouble adjusting to his Dad being deployed overseas. The adventures the group have in this novel help Cam understand how important soldiers are to our freedom and the sacrifices they and their families must make. This is a great book. I see it in my grandkids' futures. Very highly recommended.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bill The Vampire - Rick Gualtieri

Bill The Vampire is the first novel in the Tome of Bill series. This book is free for the kindle. Dork and vampire are almost never used in the same sentence. That's about to change.

Bill Ryder is a 24 year old game programmer for, and pretty much the stereotypical dork. Bill runs into Sally Sunshine on the train back to Brooklyn, and Sally is by far the hottest women who's ever talked to him. Of course when Sally invites Bill to a party later there's no way he's not going to go. Turns out Bill was invited as an appetizer. Now Bill's a vampire and definitely not ready for what that means. He'll have to adjust fast or the second time Bill dies it'll be forever. This is a great story. It's a hilarious, but still scary, vampire adventure. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deadly Games - Lindsay Buroker

Deadly Games is the third novel in the Emperor's Edge series. You should read The Emperor's Edge and Dark Currents before this book.

This time Amaranthe and her team of heroes are trying to win the emperor's favor by rescuing kidnapped athletes. Contestants in the Imperial Games have been disappearing. Why and who's responsible are mysteries Amaranthe wants to solve. Especially when it's discovered that magic's involved. Then members of Amaranthe's band start to disappear too. Now solving the kidnappings becomes personal. This is another great steampunk adventure. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dark Currents - Lindsay Buroker

Dark Currents is the second novel in the Emperor's Edge series. This book is not free, but definitely worth paying for. You should read The Emperor's Edge first though.

Amaranthe Lokdon and her band of improbable heroes are known as the Emperor's Edge. It's hard to be a hero when there's a price on your head, and all the enforcers and bounty hunters in the kingdom are looking for Amaranthe and her men. Amaranthe's goal is to prove to the emperor that the Edge is on his side. To this end, they decide to solve the mystery of who or what is poisoning the imperial city's water supply. Amaranthe leads her group out of the city to find the source of the water. Turgonians don't believe in magic, but once again magic, or the mental sciences, are being used against Turgonia. That means magic will be used against Amaranthe and her team, and magic is hard to defeat. This is another rollicking adventure with danger, death, and a hint of romance. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Frosted Shadow - Nancy Warren

Frosted Shadow is the first novel in the Toni Diamond Mystery series. This book is free for the kindle.

Toni Diamond is a national sales director for Lady Bianca Cosmetics. Toni's in the middle of her motivational speech at the annual national conference when someone yells murder. While they're wheeling the body out, Toni's comment that the murdered woman is not a Lady Bianca representative caught the ear of Detective Sergeant Luke Marciano. Now Toni finds herself helping Luke with the case, or trying to. When a second body shows up, Toni realizes she's got more to worry about than winning the top sales division award. This murder mystery has lots of humor and suspense mixed with a little romance. Highly recommended.

The Emperor's Edge - Lindsay Buroker

The Emperor's Edge is the first novel in the Emperor's Edge series. This book is free for the kindle. Think steampunk with magic, murder, and intrigue.

Corporal Amaranthe Lokdon is a government enforcer. She's one of the few women on the force. Women in Turgonia are expected to take up commerce, not law enforcement. When Amaranthe runs into the young emperor Sespian Savarsin, while handily stopping a robbery, she doesn't think much of it. Unfortunately, Amaranthe made an impression on Sespian, and that leads to a chain of events nobody could predict. Amaranthe will be fighting for her life, and the life of the emperor, before she reaches the end of that chain, if she reaches the end. There is magic, monsters, and assassins galore in this great steampunk adventure. I already paid money for the second book in the series. I don't pay money for many books. Very highly recommended.