Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dead Heat - Patricia Briggs

Dead Heat is the fourth novel in the Alpha & Omega series. Briggs never fails. I just wish she wrote faster.
Charles and Anna are taking a break. They're headed to Arizona to visit with old friends and to pick out a new horse for Anna. Then the fae decide to cause trouble, and Charles and Anna are in the thick of it. It's made worse since this fae likes to target children. There's plenty of action and adventure, but it's leavened by humor as Briggs always does. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave is the first novel in the 5th Wave series. This book is about an alien invasion in five parts.
Cassie Sullivan has survived waves one through four. Now, while the fifth wave is breaking around her, Cassie is determined to rescue her brother. From what is not clear, but rescue him she will. Last time she saw him he was waving from the back of a yellow school bus. This is a great book. The various threads eventually weave into a whole. I'm looking forward to the next story in the series. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Clean Kill in Tokyo - Barry Eisler

A Clean Kill in Tokyo is the first novel in the John Rain series. Kindleunlimited.
John Rain is an assassin. Rain specializes in making it look like natural causes. He's very good at his job. When Rain finds himself being pulled in by the consequences of his last job, things get complicated fast. The woman kind of complicated. Getting himself and the woman out of this alive is even more complicated. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Darknet - Matthew Mather

Darknet is a scary thriller about how close we really are to machines taking over. Kindleunlimited.
Jake O'Connell is a stock broker. Jake works for company that may be pushing the edges of legal, but Jake's friend Sean had helped set up their trading software, and Jake trusts Sean. Then Sean is killed in an accident that may not be an accident. Suddenly everyone is out to get Jake. Jake and a small band of friends find themselves fighting for their lives, but from what? If you're not careful this book will have you throwing away your cell phone, trashing your computers, and leaving the grid for good. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Devil's Waters - David L. Robbins

The Devil's Waters is the first novel in the USAF Pararescue Thriller series. Kindleunlimited.
Pararescue is like Seals, Rangers, and Recon all wrapped into one, with a side of paramedic. These people are some serious operators, but they'd rather save your life than take it. When they get tangled with a bunch of Somali pirates the body count is bound to go up. Great action and suspense. Very highly recommended.

Make Me - Lee Child

Make Me is the 20th Jack Reacher Novel. They don't come out often enough for me.
Reacher has no reason but curiosity when he hops off the train in Mother's Rest. Reacher is determined to find out how the town got its name. This is wheat country and the tallest structures are the grain elevators. Reacher is momentarily mistaken for someone else, and when he falls in with ex-FBI agent and private eye Michelle Chang, he's intrigued. Before his curiosity is satisfied they cross the country looking for clues and end up in Mother's Rest finding the bad guys. Another great Reacher novel. Very highly recommended.

Contract to Kill - Andrew Peterson

Contract to Kill is the fifth novel in the Nathan McBride Series. Unfortunately the last one published. There will hopefully be more. Kindleunlimited.
When a friend of Nathan witnesses an execution style murder, and fears for his life, he calls Nathan for help. Nathan and Harv become embroiled in a situation much more complicated than an execution. The killers are hunting Nathan's friend, and Nathan and his friends. It turns out national security is part of the problem too. Highly recommended.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ready to Kill - Andrew Peterson

Ready to Kill is the fourth novel in the Nathan McBride Series. Kindleunlimited.
Nathan and Harv could probably count Nicaragua as their least favorite place to be. When they're contacted, through the CIA, by an old contact there, they have to head back into the country and see if they can clean up a mess they didn't anticipate. Being a sniper team is like riding a bike. You never forget how. They need all those memories on this mission. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Traitor - Mark Eller

Traitor is the first novel in the Turner Chronicles series. This book is 99 cents for the kindle.
In a parallel universe magic is not only possible. It's common. But to really use your magic you need a magic stone. Aaron Turner is one person who can travel between realms. He's a cripple in his home world, where he's forced to help an ambitious militia general. In the target realm Aaron owns a simple general store and will eventually change the world. Very highly recommended.

Option to Kill - Andrew Peterson

Option to Kill is the third novel in the Nathan McBride Series. Kindleunlimited.
Nathan gets a mysterious text message from a 12 year old girl named Lauren, who's been kidnapped. Lauren is a 12 year old girl who knows more about Nathan than anyone should. Nathan not only rescues Lauren, but he has to rescue other girls and eventually Lauren's mother. The addition of a kid and her unique perspective really makes this book exceptional. Very highly recommended.

Forced to Kill - Andrew Peterson

Forced to Kill is the second novel in the Nathan McBride Series. Kindleunlimited.
When a body with distinctive scars shows up at the bottom of a lake, Nathan and Harv begin tracking the sadist who tortured Nathan in Nicaragua. The hunt is on. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn

Transfer of Power is the first novel in the Mitch Rapp Series. This book was free with kindleunlimited.
The CIA knows that their two most wanted Islamic terrorists are planning something. They put Mitch Rapp on their trail. One is captured and the other is not. While they "interrogate" the captured terrorist, the one who's running free does the unthinkable. He takes over the White House. The CIA and Mitch are going to have to find a way to get it back. This is one of those books where you can't seem to find a good place to take a break. Falling asleep very early in the morning usually makes that decision for me. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Lost Starship - Vaughn Heppner

The Lost Starship is the first novel in the Lost Starship Series. This book is free with kindleunlimited, which is not free.
Earth is under attack by the New Men. There is one chance to beat back their superior minds, bodies, and technology. The lost starship of legend. Captain Maddox of Star Watch Intelligence is tasked with gathering an unorthodox team of specialists, and finding that lost starship. The future of the human race may depend on it. There is action, adventure, and plenty of it. The characters tend to spend too much time talking in my opinion, but the books is still good. Highly recommended.