Friday, August 25, 2017

Hearing Voices - Axel Cruise

Hearing Voices is the first novel in the Isaac Blaze series. I look forward to many more. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Isaac Blaze is the world's most wanted fugitive, but he always has companionship. The two voices in his head keep him company, give him advice, and provide a daily dose of snark. One voice is male with an English accent. The other is female with playful southern accent. And no they don't have names. To quote Isaac, "What? No, that would just be weird."

When Isaac lets himself be caught there's a good reason. Of course lots of people died, but Isaac wasn't one of them. This is a great character with lots of quirks and mad skills. Very highly recommended.

You Are Prey - Isaac Hooke

You Are Prey is the second novel in the Argonauts series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Now that Rade's team includes the good green phant Surus their goal is to find and destroy all the bad phants they can. Rade and his team pursue a black phant to what looks like a dead planet. Unfortunately it's not as dead as they thought, and the black phant is not an easy target. The hunters become the prey. Plenty of action and close calls. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bug Hunt - Isaac Hooke

Bug Hunt is the first novel in the Argonauts series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Great book with lots of adventure and plenty of aliens. Very highly recommended.

Hook, Line and Blinker - Jana DeLeon

Hook, Line and Blinker is the tenth book in the Miss Fortune Mystery series. One of my grandkids ordered this by mistake while "borrowing" my tablet. Turns out I read the first book in this series years ago, so I was familiar with the characters.
Fortune is doing her best to keep Ida Belle safe. If she has to deal with the mob to do it she will. This adventure has lots of fun and plenty of bodies to deal with. Very highly recommended.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Homeward - Jerry Aubin

Homeward is the third novel in the Ship Series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Now that the civilians are in charge some things have changed. The ship is now headed back to visit colonies that were planted over the last 5,000 years. But the problem of the unknown humans who have been harassing the ship still exists. It's coming to a head, and Dax is going to be the focus. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Caesar's Last Breath - Sam Kean

Caesar's Last Breath is subtitled Decoding the Secrets of the Air Around Us. It's an interesting and informative non-fiction, almost.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has interesting stories to go with the interesting facts. My only problem was when the author, who clearly swallowed the Kool-Aid, starts to get preachy about how man is destroying the environment. My advice is stick to the first eight chapters and stop before that happens. Highly recommended anyway.

Power of the Fire Dragon - Tracey West

Power of the Fire Dragon is the fourth book in the Dragon Masters series. I got them out of order, but it didn't cause a problem.
While the other dragon masters are visiting queen Rose's kingdom, Drake and Rori stay behind. Rori's fire dragon Vulcan almost accidentally burned up King Roland. Since Vulcan was too dangerous and Worm can't fly, they were left behind. Then a four headed dragon attacks the castle while being controlled by the evil wizard Maldred. What will Drake and Rori do?

The Dragon Masters series are Scholastic Children's books. I read this story because my BBBS little brother is reading the series. If you read on a kindle, I recommend a tablet with color. The book is well illustrated. Highly recommended.