Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spying in High Heels - Halliday, Gemma

Spying in High Heels is the first novel in the High Heels Mysteries series. It's free and a very fun read. Since I can't imagine purposely living someplace like L.A. or wearing designer anything, this is a fantasy novel for me, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Did I mention it's free?

Maddie Springer is a kiddie shoe designer living in L.A. When her boyfriend Richard disappears, Maddie resorts to spying on his office, his family, and the police to find him. Especially since she is "late" and Richard could be a father. If she could just get up the courage to pee on that stick she'd know for sure. Then it turns out Richard is wanted for murder and the real murderer may have their sights on Maddie. Throw in Maddie's Mom's wedding, a police detective who gives Maddie hot flashes, and a best friend who never met a man she didn't want to...well anyway. Hilarious situations and a great bunch of characters make this book a pleasure to read. Very highly recommended.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Turtle Boy - Burke, Kealan Patrick

The Turtle Boy is the first book in the The Timmy Quinn Series. This book is free. The others in the series are reasonably priced. If you like a good scary story this is for you. This is a great introduction to Burke's brand of horror. This isn't a full sized novel, but you'll wish it was.

Timmy Quinn is eleven and school is out for the summer. Like most eleven year old boys, Timmy and his friend Pete are bored, until they had over to Myer's pond. After that boring is no longer an option. When Timmy discovers he can step behind "the curtain" his life changes forever. I look forward to reading more in this series. King and Koontz have nothing on Burke. Very highly recommended.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vengeance - Taylor, J.E.

Vengeance is about an FBI undercover agent. Two words sum up my feelings about this book -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry I bought it, even though it was free. I'm sorry I started it. I'm sorry I finished it. I won't be sorry for recommending it because I don't recommend it.

I had to stop and let some time pass before I wrote this review and I still may regret what I say here. This is a twisted, needlessly violent, disturbing novel. No spoiler intended, since I hope nobody else reads this, but there is nothing even remotely resembling a happy ending here. I only read the whole thing because I thought surely the author would have some kind of hook at the end to make me feel better about this book. Nope. Not recommended.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bloody Little Secrets - Kirkpatrick, Karly

Bloody Little Secrets is a teenage vampire novel with an interesting twist. Another great free book for the kindle.

Vicky Hernandez wakes up to find herself in a coffin. She manages to break out of the coffin and discovers that she's a vampire. Now Vicky needs to figure out how she became a vampire and what to do with the rest of her life, or death. If the other pesky vampires would leave her alone it would be simpler. This story takes place in the western suburbs of Chicago. If you've ever lived there, and I have, it's interesting to read about places you've seen and ice cream delights you've tasted. Did you know a vampire can eat a kitchen sink? I really enjoyed this book. Highly recommended.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Black Light of Day - McIntyre, Jason

Black Light of Day is a collection of short stories. One word can describe these stories — dark. Not bad dark. Just dark. It's not a long collection, but it's only $1.99.

I've already reviewed Dark That Day, After All as a separate short story when it was free. Alas it's no longer available separately. This collection has some real gems. I particularly enjoyed Remembering Train Car Six. I'd like to see that be the basis for a full length novel. All these stories are worth reading. Highly recommended.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Walk - Goldberg, Lee

The Walk is the literary equivalent of a disaster movie, an excellent disaster movie. This book is free for amazon prime members, but is well worth the $3.99 it costs everyone else.

Marty Slack is TV network executive. He starts out as someone you don't really like. By the end of the book, only the most jaded reader isn't pulling for Marty. The big one hits California while Marty is at a remote location in downtown Los Angeles. Once he's out from under his car, his one goal is to get home to his wife. It's a long and interesting walk. Marty learns a lot about himself along the way, and doesn't like some of what he learns. A real page turner. Very highly recommended.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Call To The Heart - Camden, David

Call To The Heart is Christian fiction. I've found that one end of the Christian fiction genre range contains books that simply avoid the use of sex, drugs, and other contemporary devices used to attract readers. The other end of the genre range includes books where good and evil, faith and God, and the devil play prominent roles. Call to the Heart is toward the later end of the range. If you don't usually read Christian fiction, don't let that put you off. This is a book that I had a hard time putting down.

This novel is about a group of Christian friends on a road trip to seek healing. Robert, Scott, Mars, Miranda, and Becca couldn't predict the opportunities and surprises they'll encounter along the way. This trip helps them all understand more about themselves and their faith. This road trip is an adventure that will change all their lives forever. This book provided plenty of suspense to keep me reading past my bedtime at night. Highly recommended.

I think it's interesting that most people who read a lot of fiction, and I do, can suspend disbelief to enjoy books about vampires, werewolves, witches, and zombies. The same people will turn their noses up at Christian fiction. When I finish a novel by Armstrong, Meyer, or Harris I don't believe in witches, vampires, or shape shifters. Christian fiction often includes angels and demons, and they frequently have powers that put other supernatural creates to shame. You can enjoy a good Christian fiction story without embracing Christianity. Give it a try. It can be very rewarding.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dead Man - Goldman, Joel

The Dead Man is another Jack Davis thriller. An excellent book. It will help if you read Shakedown first, but it's not required. Shakedown is 99 cents and The Dead Man is free to Amazon Prime members.

Jack Davis is an ex-FBI agent. He was forced to retire because he shakes due to a neurological disorder. He still does some pretty good work in this murder mystery. He's got a whole lot going on in his life right now, including clearing his name with the FBI, but catching a killer is at the top of his list. Very highly recommended.