Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Copy - Grant Boshoff

The Copy is a science fiction legal thriller. This story is more of a novella than a full length novel. This book was free for the kindle when I downloaded it. It's now $2.99.

Geoffrey Bartell is a very busy man. Geoffrey is the head of a bio-tech company fighting for its corporate life against government regulations and moral outrage. Geoffrey decides it would be easier to win this fight if there were two of him. But what do you do with your copy when you're done with him? A great story with a surprise ending. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Thread in the Tangle - Sabrina Flynn

A Thread in the Tangle is the first novel in the Legends of Fyrsta series.

Isiilde Jaal’Yasine is a nymph. This is an unfortunate thing for her, as in this age nymphs are nothing more than property. Valuable property, but nothing more. Isiilde will be sold to the highest bidder when she comes of age. Until then Isiilde is apprenticed to the Marsais, the Archlord of Wise One's Isle, and guarded by her father Oenghus, a Nuthaanian Berserker. How Isiilde is woven into the fabric of Fyrsta is the story, and a great story it is. Very highly recommended.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Perk - Mark Gimenez

The Perk is one of those books you can't put down. I seldom read a 500+ page novel in one day, but this one was an exception.

Beck Hardin was a lot of things. A football star, a lawyer, a husband, a father, and a son. Beck was not happy. When Beck's wife lost to cancer, and he finally realized he couldn't be a lawyer and a single father, he took his two kids and headed back to someplace he swore he'd never go. He headed to his childhood home in Texas. Beck learns that the law of unintended consequences ensures that life is not fair, but sometimes the good guys win. Beck is a good guy. This is an amazing novel. Very highly recommended.

The Fall - Annelie Wendeberg

The Fall is the second novel in the Anna Kronberg Thriller series. I recommend you read the first novel, The Devil's Grin, to appreciate this book. It's worth appreciating.

Anna Kronberg has been hiding since her escape at the end of The Devil's Grin. Alas the person who finds her is none other than Professor James Moriarty. He needs a bacteriologist and Anna is the best. This time it's Anna struggling against the evil Moriarity, with a little help from Sherlock Holmes. Very highly recommended.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Demon And His Witch - Eve Langlais

A Demon And His Witch is the first novel in the Welcome To Hell series. This book was free when I downloaded it. It's now $2.99 for the kindle.

Ysabel wasn't planning a painful death. The people of her village had other plans though. Ysabel was a witch and they'd decided she needed to burn. Now almost 500 years later, Ysabel's burning again. Every day. To stop this torture she has to capture the five souls who escaped hell and bring them back. Lucifer assigns Remy to help Ysabel. Ysabel hates Remy because he represents everything she hates in men. They warm up to each other eventually, and the story heats up at the same time. This is an entertaining tongue-in-cheek romp through hell. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Adrift - C. G. Cooper

Adrift is a novel in the Corps Justice series. This book was free when I downloaded it. It's now $3.99 for the kindle.

When Daniel Briggs wakes up he's not sure where he is. He's in a barn, but where is the barn? Then Daniel hears someone people coming for him and his survival instincts kick in. Daniel is out of the Marine Corps now, but once a marine, always a marine. The down of Defuniak Springs Florida is as corrupt as they come. Everyone is owned by, or owes, Max Laney. Unfortunately Daniel defended a waitress at the local bar from Laney's grandson Johnny. Trouble is coming. This is a great story and a good introduction Cooper's writing. Very highly recommended.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars is the first novel in the Pretty Little Liars series. This book is free for the kindle, and way overpriced.

Clearly this is not my kind of book. Teenage angst is not my favorite genre. I have seven granddaughters though, and I thought I'd see what it was about. I thought the "ghost" aspect would make it interesting. I only continued to plow through this headache in order to resolve who the "ghost" was or is. And in a further act of disappointing the reader, the author never resolved that issue. I highly recommend nobody ever read any of this author's books again. I know I won't. Do you really need a specific recommendation after that?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

AMP Private War - Stephen Arseneault

AMP Private War is the second novel in the AMP series. You can't have too many space battles or aliens.

In this installment of the AMP series Don and Frig are still the crew of the Swift, but Don's fleet has grown so large they've started to terraform a planet to base their new government on. I big changed from one rogue messenger ship taking on the Milgari. The fight seems to be going their way, but more surprises are in store for the Swift's crew. Plenty of action, aliens, and adventure. Very highly recommended.