Monday, January 21, 2008

Traveling with computers

I'm working in North Carolina for a while. I've been here two weeks and will probably be here for three more. It's a pretty part of the country. This picture of the building where I'm working was taken in the fall. It's considerably more bare now.

The building is very nice. If I have to work in an office (cubicle) at least it's in a nice environment. Of course tearing down and installing new labs doesn't give me a chance to enjoy it much.

I'm working in Cary, a suburb of Raleigh. I brought my bike, my dogs, and three computers. I'm actually getting more exercise here than in frigid Illinois. I pedal to work and back from the hotel each day and take the dogs for a ride mornings.

My reading time is suffering though. What I'd give for a comfortable chair to sink into with a book in the evenings. I miss my La-Z-Boy :( On the other hand every restaurant I've been to serves sweet tea. Yahoo!

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