Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Talisman - Stephen King & Peter Straub

The Talisman reminds me of The Stand and The Dark Tower series. I liked it. It was too bogged down in detail at times, but it kept my interest and the ending was unlike many King novels. You'll have to figure that one out. I've never read a novel by Straub, that I remember, so I can't gauge the influence he had on the final story. I'll have to give him a try. I read this book because I'm about to read The Black House and it's the sequel to The Talisman. Everything in order :)   Highly recommended.

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Collegekid said...

I just read this book as well. A great piece of work I must say. The characters were so rich! I almost got emotional during a few parts, I'm sure you can guess which ones.

Onward to the Black House!