Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mean Streets - Butcher, Green, Richardson, Sniegoski

Mean Streets is a collection of four novellas that all tend toward the supernatural.

The Warrior is a Harry Dresden story by Butcher. I like the Dresden series and enjoyed this story. This novella is the reason I bought the book.

The Difference a Day Makes by Green wasn't appealing to me. It's the kind of story I associate with an author more in love with their own words than in telling a tale. I won't be picking up any of Green's books in the future. I almost didn't finish this piece.

The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog by Richardson is excellent. It was my favorite story in the book. Richardson goes on my list of authors to look for.

I enjoyed Noah's Orphans by Sniegoski. It's not the type of story I'd normally seek out but well worth the read.

I highly recommend this book just for the Richardson novella. Skipping Green's attempt, the other two stories are just icing on the cake.

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