Friday, February 25, 2011

Pale Demon - Harrison, Kim

Pale Demon is the ninth Rachel Morgan novel. You really need to read The Hollows Series in order.  I find it hard to put down a Harrison novel.  Even during the lulls in the action her books keeps pulling you in.  If cloning were possible I'd want 12 of Harrison so I could have a new Rachel Morgan to read every month.

This book has Rachel fighting to have her shunning lifted, but she has to make it to San Francisco in order to plead her case, and getting there is like running a gauntlet.  To make it more interesting she's agreed to guard Trent on the way there.  Witches, demons, and elves are gunning for her and Trent.  To make it more interesting Trent isn't allowed to fly so they're driving Rachel's Mom's car all the way.  It's a wild ride, with some dangerous detours into the ever-after.  Very highly recommended.

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