Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fuzzy Nation - Scalzi, John

Fuzzy Nation is a remake/rewrite of an old 1963 science fiction novel Little Fuzzy. I read the original and the sequels decades ago.  The story remains the same.  This is a very enjoyable book.  I started it yesterday and was up past 2:30 in the morning finishing it.  I don't often feel compelled to read a novel in one sitting.

Jack Holloway is a prospector on contract to the mighty ZaraCorp.  He's living and working on Zara XXIII, where ZaraCorp has the exclusive rights to strip all marketable resources from the planet.  There is only one catch and that is that there can't be any sentient life on a planet.  Along come the Fuzzies.  Jack and his friends have to find a way to get the Fuzzies recognized as sentient, in spite of the violent objections of the ZaraCorp and their thugs.  Very highly recommended. 

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