Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Catastrophe Scroll - Massie, Gordon & LaFleur, James & Dalglish, Rich

The Catastrophe Scroll is the last book in The Crisis Trilogy. I read this book only because I'd already purchased it before I read the second book, The Chaos Pendulum, and because I had to see what kind of ending this psychedelic trilogy would produce.

Now Caesar's ex-wife Annie becomes the scroll. Then she loses her mind. Caesar now is going back and forth in time instead of realms, and the world is being slowly destroyed by Annie. This stuff is starting to read like Revelations in the New Testament. You almost need a translator. And since I hope nobody else has to read this I'll spoil the ending. Both Caesar and Annie die but the world is saved. The ending is just as bad as the rest of the book. No editor should have let this be published. I can't believe I read it. Highly NOT recommended.

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