Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts at Stake - Harvey, Alyxandra

Hearts at Stake was a free Friday nook book. Every Friday Barnes & Noble has a nook book that's free for anyone to download. Even if you don't have a nook you can run the nook app on your computer or android device and take advantage of this free offer. Just check in on Fridays at The NOOK Blog.

Solange Drake is the first female vampire born in hundreds of years. That's turning out to be something of a problem. Solange turns 16 in a few days and she is the object of interest for a great many male vampires. She's also a major problem to the current de facto vampire Queen. Salonge and her best friend Lucky are in for some major trouble as this story closes in on that 16th birthday.

This is definitely a young adult book. I enjoyed it, but it's not a challenging read. The author's continued change of first person narrative between Solange and Lucky was distracting most of the time and didn't add anything to the story. The story was also cluttered with too many factions feuding and fighting with each other. On the whole I'd recommend it for young adults.

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