Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Angel's Ink - Jocelynn Drake

Angel's Ink is the first book in the Asylum Tales. This book is $8.89 for the kindle, but was free when I downloaded it. Tattoos are more than just decoration in this world. Sometimes too much more.

Gage runs a tattoo parlor called Asylum. His two employees are Trixie and Bronx. Trixie is an elf and Bronx is a troll. Of course Gage is a warlock who gave up the life. Right off you know this isn't a normal tattoo parlor. Gage takes on a tattoo job that takes a turn for the worse. Gage is going to have to die to fix this problem, or die if he doesn't. His life is full of tough choices. This is an excellent story. It gets a bit racy at times, so it's not for kids. It is a great romp through a world where magic is normal and staying out of trouble is just not an option for Gage. Too bad the sequel isn't free or I'd be reading it already. Very highly recommended.

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