Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hopcross Jilly - Patricia Briggs

Hopcross Jilly is a complete graphic novel from the Mercy Thompson Collection. I recommend reading on a color tablet instead of a kindle.
Mercy and Adam discover the bodies of long dead children while they're out running with the pack. The bodies are old, but the police are pursuing the investigation.

Jesse Hauptman is Adam's daughter and Mercy's step-daughter. The kids from school aren't always kind to Jesse. Especially since the werewolves came out, and Jesse's Dad is the Alpha of the local werewolf pack. Finding the mystery child killer becomes more urgent when kids begin to go missing from Jesse's school. The ending is much too predictable, but the story is still good.

I'm not a big fan of graphic novels. Nothing about this one has changed my mind. I much prefer to let my imagination conjure up the locations, heroes, and villains that words in a novel paint. I was just desperate for a Briggs fix. Recommended, but you have to read/view this on a color tablet. A kindle doesn't do it justice.

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