Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Enemy - K. Eason

Enemy is the first novel in the On the Bones of Gods series. This book is available through kindleunlimited.
Snowdenaelikk is a half-blood conjuror and a smuggler. Snow also has a connection to a Svartjagr that gives her advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is an aerial lookout. The disadvantage is temporary blindness and killer headaches. Snow is trying to meet a courier on business when the legion shows up.

Veiko is an outlaw. He and his two dogs have been running for two years now. They live off the land and avoid other people. At least they did.

The odd pairing of Snow and Veiko is an adventure all by itself. Throw in some nasty gods, the legion, vicious raiders, and even a dragon, and the adventure kicks into overdrive. Oh yeah, I forgot the ghosts. Very highly recommended.

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