Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Indian in the Cupboard - Lynne Reid Banks

The Indian in the Cupboard is the first novel in the Indiana in the Cupboard series. This is a book suitable for third graders and up. Up includes adults.
Omri and Patrick had been friends forever. Well at least since they started school. For Omri's ninth birthday Patrick got him a plastic Indian. Omri was disappointed, but little did he know how significant that present would be. The best present though was the old medicine cupboard his brother Gillon had scavaged from the alley. When Omri's Mom noticed there was a keyhole she let Omri look through her box of old keys to see if one would fit. One did. A very special key. And that's when the adventure began.

This is a great story. In spite of nine-year-old behavior, Omri manages to handle the responsibility thrust upon him well. The story has a bittersweet but happy ending. Very highly recommended.

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