Sunday, August 19, 2018

Powers That Be - Anne Mccaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Powers That Be is the first novel in the Petaybee Trilogy.
Major Yanaba Maddock has been released from the military and dumped on the planet Petaybee. Yana's lungs are shot from the gas she breathed in during the uprising at Bremport Station. At least she survived initially, but the doctors give her less than a year.

Petaybee is great if you like cold and ice. Even in the two-month summer the temperature barely gets to the comfortable range. Somehow Petaybee seems to suit Yana though. She seems to be getting better. The problem is Yana's been told to spy on the natives and she doesn't like that assignment. She's going to have some decisions to make. Very highly recommended.

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