Sunday, August 19, 2007

Undead and Uneasy - MaryJanice Davidson

This is Davidson's sixth novel featuring Betsy Taylor, queen of the vampires. This is a great series of books that don't take themselves too seriously. I've been known to laugh out loud reading Davidson's books, and I'm sure that's what she intended. You have to love a vampire who's more interested in shoes than blood. That said, Betsy has some amazing powers and she uses them for good, unlike some of the vampires she runs up against.

In Undead and Uneasy Betsy is about to get married. There are some things she's not willing to give up just because she's dead! But first she has that pesky problem of her missing fiancé to deal with.

Please read this series in order. You can find a list on Davidson's web site. All are highly recommended.

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