Sunday, September 9, 2007

It Takes a Village - Hillary Clinton

Before you can comment on a book you have to have read it. That's as good a reason as any to read this chronicle of Mrs. Clinton's vision for America. After reading it I found the book includes some very interesting pieces that illustrate problems with education, health care, families, and other areas of life in America. My conflict with this book is the premise that more government can solve all of these problem. Government is the root cause of almost every problem this book exposes. Less government will be the solution, not more.

Then there are the wild statistics with no comments in the notes section to justify them. Take for example the assertion on page nine that "135,000 children bring guns to school each day." Just think about that and scratch your head. If this wasn't pulled out of thin air then cite the origin. To compound the lack of credibility, some of the references cited in the notes section are the news media. It's bad enough the Associated Press is cited but when I saw the New York Times I laughed out loud.

I read the 10th anniversary edition of It Takes a Village. I recommend reading it so you'll know what kind of person is running for president this year and what you're likely to get if she's elected. More government, higher taxes, and less freedom.

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