Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bond of Blood - Diane Whiteside

This novel adds new levels of complexity to vampire society. The author effectively uses flashbacks to build an understanding of the history behind the characters in her story, but there's not enough detail on her unique vampire society for my taste. Too many questions were left unanswered. Also, the story was liberally sprinkled with Spanish words and phrases. If you don't speak Spanish have a dictionary handy because otherwise you'll miss important nuances. That was a real annoyance. In spite of all this I enjoyed the book. The story was interesting and the two main characters were well developed.

Just a warning, there's a lot of sex in this novel. I would contrast Bond of Blood with Twilight by Meyer. I enjoyed that novel also, but there were no steamy erotic scenes to distract from the storyline. It's sad when authors resort to sex instead of words. Worth reading.

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