Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hunt for Atlantis - Mcdermott, Andy

The Hunt for Atlantis is the first Mcdermott novel I've read. There are several that I plan to read though. He has a series based on the characters of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase and I plan to work through them all eventually.

Nina Wilde is an archeologist and Eddie Chase is her bodyguard. You're probably wondering why an archeologist needs a bodyguard.  When there are two organizations at odds over whether the lost city of Atlantis should ever be found, and you're the expert on the subject, some people will make you a target.  Nina and Eddie switch back and forth between saving each others lives over several continents and a whole series of adventures.  If you like the original Clive Cussler novels you'll love this one.  Very highly recommended.

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