Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Reversal - Connelly, Michael

Connelly is one of the very best crime/detective writers of all time.  The Reversal is a combination Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch novel.  Harry Bosch is an LA homicide detective who is prominent is a whole series of Connelly stories.  They're all excellent.  Mickey Haller is a defense attorney, introduced in the novel Lincoln Lawyer, who has an overlapping series of novels.  Mickey and Harry are half brothers.  I highly recommend reading the novels in both series, but you can enjoy this book thoroughly without having to do so.

In The Reversal Mickey and Harry team up for a case that goes back 24 years. Mickey is a defense attorney through and through, but he reluctantly takes a position as special prosecutor to retry a child murderer who is going to be released due to DNA evidence.  Harry is assigned by the DA's office, at Mickey's request, to be his investigator for the case.  This book has some gripping scenes, in the court room and out.  The outcome is not what anyone expected.  Very highly recommended.

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