Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lethal People - Locke, John

Lethal People is the first novel in the Donovan Creed series. I look forward to reading them all.

Donovan Creed is an ex-CIA assassin who still dabbles in counter terrorism for the government.  But since he has the skills, he also makes money as a hit man. It's kind of hard to get behind a hero who kills for money, but Locke manages to make Donovan a likable protagonist in a twisted way.

Donovan has normal people problems.  He has an ex-wife and daughter.  He struggles with romance.  It's just that he also has people trying to kill him most of the time.  Guns, bombs, poison, you name it.  Donovan uses it and does his best to avoid having it used on him.  Throw in dwarfs (sorry little people) who want to take over the world, and some mob people who think they already have, and it's a volatile mix.  Very highly recommended.

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