Friday, June 10, 2011

The Magic of Finkleton - Hilton, K.C.

The Magic of Finkleton will be a great book for kids who've moved up to the "chapter book" level, or for parents to read to younger children.  No tragedy, no sex, no scary, and no bad language, that is unless you count "daft".  It's a very enjoyable story.

The Finkle family have inherited their uncle Harry's general store in the rural town of Finkleton.  Uncle Harry's general store is the hub of this rural community, in ways none of the Finkles can imagine.  The three Finkle children each use their unique abilities to keep Finkleton safe and secure.  Magic gives this story it's edge, but good traditional family values with respectful and obedient children are what makes this story great.  Keep in mind this is a true children's story.  That said, this book is very highly recommended.

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Nook on Sale said...

Even though I'm not a kid, this book sounds like something I would like. I enjoy reading kid's books once in a while.