Sunday, September 11, 2011

Florida Roadkill - Dorsey, Tim

Florida Roadkill is a train wreck of a novel. You try to stop watching but you just can't turn away. I almost stopped reading this book twice, but I managed to hang in there to the end. I'm actually glad I did.

If you didn't have ADHD before you started reading this book, you'll be infected by the time you're done. The book starts out like a unrelated series of short stories about the crazies in Florida. It takes a long time, but the author eventually braids the separate threads into a coherent conclusion, almost. There's still the five million bucks and the anti-hero, Serge Storms, to account for. There's enough violence to populate several Peckinpah movies, and it's the creative kind. It won't take you long to understand why 'roadkill' is in the title. In spite of my initial shock and awe I liked the end result. Highly recommended.

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