Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Full Dark, No Stars - King, Stephen

Full Dark, No Stars is a collection of four novellas. If you're a King fan this is a must read. Be prepared because the thing about King is you can never count on a happy ending.

1922 is the story of Wilfred James. A man haunted by one singular act of violence and the ripples it caused in his world. This story seemed to drag at times, but was worth the read. I try not to dream of rats.

Big Driver is about revenge. About how a horrific event can change a person and their ideas of what's right and what's wrong. This one kept the pages turning late one night.

Fair Extension is about revenge, but a more subtle revenge than Big Driver. Streeter has let the sin of envy eat at him for years. The devil can do some amazing things with a little sin.

The best of the bunch is A Good Marriage. What would you do if you found out something about your spouse that changed your whole world? Find out what Darcy did.

A great collection of King. Very highly recommended.

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