Friday, December 2, 2011

At the Mountains of Madness - Lovecraft, H. P.

This novel is from The Essential H.P. Lovecraft Collection. This collection contains 20 of Lovecraft's works and I intend to review them separately. They're all out of copyright and are available free somewhere. I first read many of these in high school, decades ago. I got this 99 cent collection to make it simpler to reread some books that kept me awake long after I finished reading, listening for something to go bump in the night.

This story has been credited with the inspiration for the movie The Thing. The narrator is the leader of a scientific expedition to the antarctic. The scientists who survived discovered things that were so horrific they didn't report them initially. Now a second expedition is being formed, and in order to avoid a terrible catastrophe the narrator is describing the expedition's findings in more chilling detail. The language is out of date, but the story is timeless. Highly recommended.

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