Monday, December 26, 2011

A Dozen Deadly Roses - Bennett, Kathy

A Dozen Deadly Roses is another 99 cent bargain. This is a great mystery written from a veteran cop's perspective.

Officer Jade Donovan is a five year veteran with the LA police department. When this novel gets started, she finds her self assigned as the training office to a rookie named Mac Stryker. The same Mac Stryker who used to be her training officer when she was a rookie. The fact that he resigned in disgrace back then makes their working together awkward at best, and neither is happy with the assignment. A fact that the police LT who made the assignment, is well aware of. The fact that someone is stalking Jade, and she can't trust anyone in or out of the department, adds to the tension in this fast paced thriller. I would have preferred that the issue of the father of Jade's son didn't drag out so long, but I really enjoyed the book and I'll look for more from Bennett. Highly recommended.

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