Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Awakened: Book One - Tesar, Jason

The Awakened: Book One is the first in a series. This is another free book and it's a great book at any price. Most of the free books I've read are part of a series or trilogy, and the first book is free to suck you in. That's fair. I've read a few free books now that I will eventually get back to and read rest of the series. This book ends on a literal cliff hanger and I'm not sure I can wait. It's that good.

Adair is the governor of Bastul. He leaves to meet with an informant and never returns. Adair's son Kael is at odds with the new governor and is sentenced to death. Kael's mentor and tutor Saba is kidnapped and carried off to a far land. Kael's mother Maeryn is left with no husband and no son and a cruel new governor who has inherited her along with his new job.

There is some present time action that's not put into context in this first book, but most of the story takes place in the ancient Orudan Empire. This is a threaded story with suspense, mystery, and action on almost every page. I'll be reading The Awakened book two and three. I guess Tesar used all his imagination on the story with none left for titles :) Very highly recommended.

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