Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Apps, Free Books - they're out there

I just spent about 40 minutes on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble web sites downloading free books for my kindle/nook/android. In those 40 minutes I found seven books for the kindle and six for the nook that are free, and look like they'll be great reads. Keep checking here and I'll let you know what I think of 'em.

The point is, if you want to read with a computer or other eReader device, you can read for free. Other than a library, you can't beat that, and you can check books out of the library for the kindle and the nook as well. It depends on the library so check yours to be sure.

I have an android tablet that lets me use the free kindle app and nook app to read books. I also have the same free kindle and nook apps for my PC. You can even get the kindle and nook apps for most smart phones, although my old eyes wouldn't last long on a screen that small. So you don't need to invest in a dedicated eReader to take advantage of these free books. However, I've had a kindle for years now and love it. I won't go back to paper if given a choice.

So, if you want to start reading for free, the apps and the books are out there. When I review a book it's always available for the kindle and usually for the nook. It's easy to check. And if they're free I'll note that in the review. Let one of your New Year's resolutions be to read more and read free.


popnowlin said...

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