Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Horses Of The Sun - Owens, Leanne

Horses Of The Sun is the first novel in the Outback Riders series. A great book for teens and younger kids. It takes place in the outback of Australia. This book is free for Amazon prime members and $2.99 for everyone else.

Amy King has been banished to the outback. Her Mom and step-dad are going to be on an archeological dig for a year. Amy's been sent to stay with her only family, her aunt and uncle and three cousins at Sunhaven Downs, a cattle station in the outback of Australia. The outback can be quite an adventure. Amy is determined not to enjoy it, and she spreads her misery to her cousins at every opportunity. The big obstacle is horses. Amy claims to hate them. How long can she sustain that claim? Plenty of adventure and some great surprises. Be aware there is some tragedy, so younger kids may want to talk about parts of the book after they read it. Very highly recommended.

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