Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watched - Hogan, Cindy M

Watched is book one in the Watched Series. When I downloaded it the book was free. This is a teen level story, but with some serious violence. It may not be for all teens.

Christy is almost 16 and won a scholarship that has her on a trip to Washington D.C. She's trying to change her image while on this trip and doing a good job until she and her group of new friends see something that they shouldn't have. Something that has them all in danger, and being watched by good guys and bad guys. If the bad guys have their way Christy won't be going home from this trip. Recommended.

A fair warning. This book will be great for some. There is just way too much teenage angst for me. If Christy had been less introspective the book would have flowed better, and I wouldn't have been skimming paragraphs at a time to get back to the real story.

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