Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Old Buzzard Had It Coming - Casey, Donis

The Old Buzzard Had It Coming is a book that takes place in 1912. It's a murder mystery that keeps you guessing right to the end. It's still free and book you don't want to miss.

Alafair Tucker is an Oklahoma farm wife with nine kids and a loving husband. Her neighbor isn't so lucky. When the neighbor's husband is found in a melting snow drift Alafair is there to help. When Alafair finds out her daughter Phoebe and the neighbor's son John Lee are sweet on each other, and John Lee is the suspected murderer, it gets real complicated. Alafair is bound and determined to find the real killer. This is a great story. Great for kids and adults. Very highly recommended.

P.S. There are some recipes at the end of the book that you can gain weight just reading :)

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