Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jane Carver of Waar - Long, Nathan

Jane Carver of Waar is about as much fun as a book can get. Long borrows liberally from Edgar Rice Burroughs, but this is a whole new adventure that will keep you turning pages way into the night. It was a Free Friday nook book when I got it. It's now $8.09 for the nook and $7.99 for the kindle.

Jane Carver is an ex-airborne ranger turned biker chick, and as bad-ass as they come. Jane finds herself running from the police after "accidentally" killing a guy who groped her one too many times. She ends up hiding in a cave that transports her to a whole new world. Jane has to deal with aliens, animals, and court intrigue. She mixes it up with sky pirates, gladiators, and tribes of six legged savages. There's enough fighting, running, and laughing for two or three books. Very highly recommended.

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