Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Venom - Childs, Tera Lynn

Sweet Venom was free the day I got it. Barnes & Noble had it as a Free Friday nook book, and Amazon made it free for that day too. Can you say good marketing? Now this book is $9.49 for the kindle and nook. It's worth it though.

Grace Whitfield is 16. Her family just moved to San Francisco so she can attend a new school on full scholarship. Grace wants to try and change her life at the same time she changes her address. She's going to get way more than she bargained for.

Gretchen Sharpe is 16 as well. She's a huntress. That means she kills monsters. She's been doing it since she was 12. Now Gretchen's mentor has gone missing and the monster killing business is picking up. She's going to need help.

Greer Morgenthal is also 16. She's the most popular girl in her exclusive all-girls school, and her parents are at the top of the San Francisco social circle. Greer is happy with her life and wants to keep it that way. Too bad for Greer.

This book is great. The pace keeps you turning pages. The main characters are engaging and interesting. The action is top notch. I've been reading free books all year, with the exception of a few that were a couple bucks. I paid full price for the sequel to this book as soon as I finished this one. Some things are worth paying for. Very highly recommended.

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