Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Halfskin - Tony Bertauski

Halfskin is science fiction. This novel is about a process that goes beyond modern medicine. A process that has the potential to change mankind forever, if mankind will let it. This book is $2.99 for the kindle. Free for Amazon prime members.

Biomites are artificial stem cells that can be injected into a human body to help heal injuries, even catastrophic injuries. Biomites can also be used to enhance humans, and that scares some people. There are biomite laws that make it illegal for any human to be composed of more than 50% biomites. Since biomites continue to replace normal human cells as time goes on, everyone will eventually reach that level. When someone cross the 50% threshold they become a halfskin. At that point their biomites are deactivated. Of course, what's left of the human dies.

Nix Richards was in an auto accident when he was five. His parents died, but Nix was saved by biomites. Nix was treated so young that at 18 he's fast approaching that 50% threshold.

Nix's sister Cali Richards is a biomite engineer. Cali makes it her personal crusade to find a way to keep Nix alive. She's very good at her job, but is she that good?

This story something that makes it great. It has a villain who you find yourself yelling at, even though it's a book. Marcus Anderson is chief of the Biomite Oversight Committee. He hides behind his religious zeal, as he looks forward to deactivating halfskins. Evil often hides behind the cloak of religion. Marcus is evil. Can Nix and Cali beat Marcus? He has the full weight of the federal government behind him. It will be close.

I loved this book. It's only February, but this is my favorite novel of the year so far. Very highly recommended.

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