Friday, February 15, 2013

The Geronimo Breach - Russell Blake

The Geronimo Breach is a spy thriller with some serious political commentary. Of course the spy in this novel would make Inspector Clouseau look like James Bond. It would be a comedy of errors, except it's deadly serious. This book is free for Amazon prime members and $4.57 for others.

Albert Ross is a diplomat stationed in Panama. Al is a loser, a boozer, and shady to boot. He uses his diplomatic status to do a few side jobs to pay for his bookies and his booze. Al takes what looks like a simple job, escorting a man across the border to Columbia. The job is not as simple as Al thought. When bodies start to pile up, Al finally realizes he's taken a job he won't be coming back from, one way or the other. Plenty of action for anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Very highly recommended.

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