Monday, April 29, 2013

Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle - Marie Harbon

Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle is the first novel in the five part Seven Point Eight series. This book 99 cents for the kindle, but free for Amazon prime members. The cliff hanger at the end of this novel is steep.

Paul Eldridge is a university lecturer in physics. Max Richardson is a business man. Max engages Paul to research the philosophical and spiritual implications of physics. Max hires Paul to search for the human soul. Max and Paul work with people who have special skills; telepaths, mediums, psychics, and remote viewers. One in particular, Tahra Mamoun, becomes the focus of Max and Paul's research and personal life. Can this band of explorers find the answer to the human soul?

This story is compelling. However, it's also disjointed. The continual change of reference from person to person, and switching back and forth from live narrative to journal notes, can be confusing. There are characters injected into the story that are out of time and not explained. This could be to provide mystery, but confusion was the result. I recommend this book, especially if you intend to complete the series. Just be aware it will take more than one novel in the series for things to become clear.

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