Sunday, May 5, 2013

Only Human - Chris Reher

Only Human is the first book in the Targon Tales series. This book is $3.95 for the kindle, but free for Amazon prime members. This is a real shoot 'em up science fiction romp.

Nova Whiteside isn't just a pilot. She's a hunter class pilot, with serious combat experience. She's been stuck on Myra for eight months in retraining mode and is getting bored. She's about to get unbored in a serious way when she's promoted to Vanguard.

Major Tychon is is Delphian. When Nova is assigned as his Vanguard copilot she's apprehensive because Humans and Delphians don't always get along. Tychon is a level three spanner though, and the thought of exploring uncharted jumpsites appeals to Nova's sense of adventure. Little does Nova know that she and Tychon will get along just fine, and have more adventure than she could hope for. In fact, Nova and Tychon may just save the entire universe from destruction. Very highly recommended.

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