Sunday, June 23, 2013

SECTOR C - Phoenix Sullivan

SECTOR C is free for the kindle. What would happen if a new disease was discovered that struck both animals and humans, young and old, and was always fatal? If you're worried about GMO this book will keep you up at night.

Mike Shafer is a CDC analyst. When he notices a spike in emergency room admission in the northern plains states, Mike heads to the field to see what's causing it. Mike is in for an interesting discovery.

Donna Bailey is a veterinarian working out of McKenzie County North Dakota. Donna has been trying to figure out what's causing the livestock in her area to weaken and die. None of the tests Donna has run point to any known disease. There's a reason for that.

Walt Thurman is CEO of Triple E Enterprises. Triple E is doing some genetics research and running planned hunts for cloned exotic and endangered species. But Walt has something special in SECTOR C. What it is and what was cloned along with it may be the end of civilization.

Mike and Donna will team up to try and stop the runaway threat that seems to be centered in North Dakota. Can it be done, and can they do it before they both succumb to the spreading disease? This book could use a little more polish, but it's a very good story. It kept me up late turning pages. Very highly recommended.

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