Friday, June 28, 2013

The Taken - Vicki Pettersson

The Taken is the first book in the Celestial Blues series. This book is $4.99 for the kindle. It was free when I downloaded it. You just have to be on the lookout for bargains. Free is the only bargain I care about.

Katherine Craig is a reporter. Kit and her photographer best friend Nicole are trying to expose a prostitution ring with ties to the Las Vegas elite. While trying to meet a contact, Nicole is murdered and Kit is devastated.

Griffin Shaw was a tough guy private eye until he was murdered in 1960. Grif then became a Centurion. Centurions help escort those recently murdered to the Everlast. Grif was a little too accommodating on Nicole's pickup, and now he's back in the flesh, and a P.I. again.

Kit and Grif team up to keep Kit alive and catch the people responsible for Nicole's murder. This story is part crime mystery, part romance, and part supernatural adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Very highly recommended.

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