Monday, September 30, 2013

An Untamed Land - Lauraine Snelling

An Untamed Land is the first novel in the Red River of the North series. This book is free for the kindle. When people these days think of the challenge required to move out of their parent's home, or move to a new state for work or school, it would do them good to reflect on the sacrifice immigrants made to come to this country from across the ocean. This book explores that kind of courage.

Ingeborg Bjorklund is the main character in this novel. Ingeborg was an immigrant from Norway. In 1880 Ingeborg, her step-son Thorliff, her husband Roald, his brother Carl, Carl's wife Kaaren, and Kaaren's newborn daughter Gunny, all arrived at New York city on their trip to the Dakota territory. Their journey across the ocean was grueling. Their trip across America to their new home on the prairie was long and tedious. Life on the prairie was hard and dangerous. In the 1880s people didn't come to America to get things for free. They came here to carve out things for themselves with their hard work and courage. This story is an inspiration to anyone who's ancestors sacrificed to immigrate to America for the freedom it provided then, and still provides today. Very highly recommended.

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