Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Krone Experiment - J. Craig Wheeler

The Krone Experiment is free for the kindle. This is a great hard science fiction read, and the price is right.

Robert Issacs is the Deputy Director of Scientific Intelligence for the CIA. When a Russian aircraft carrier is damaged by some unknown projectile, the culprit is assumed to be the USA. Tensions mount as Issacs pulls together a team to try and figure out what caused the damage to the aircraft carrier, as well as what the Russians are going to do next. What appears to be a separate issue is also taking some of Issacs attention, and it's a good thing. The real cause of the damage may be the USA after all. This is some great science fiction. Be aware the kindle formatting leaves much to be desired. Sometimes it's really hard to detect the change of threads except by context. In spite of the formatting, this story is well told and completely engrossing. Very highly recommended.

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