Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seeker - T. M. Hunter

Seeker is free for the kindle. This is a novella. It's short, only 64 pages, but when you're done you wish it was much longer. It makes a good introduction to the author.

Aston West is a space pirate. When he's boarded entering the Bariana system, Aston isn't carrying any contraband. The problem is there's a Seeker on the assault vessel that stopped his ship, and she can read minds. Aston's mind contains secrets he can't, make that shouldn't, reveal. With the help of his ship's computer Jeanie, who can hack just about anything, Aston is doing his best to survive the Bariana system. At least the Seeker is female and cute. This is a very entertaining story. Short but worth the read. Highly recommended.

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