Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Sea of Storms - Mark Whiteway

The Sea of Storms is book one in the Lodestone series. This novel is free for the kindle. This excellent story is about an alien world with three suns, where a small band try to free their planet from tyranny.

Shann is a orphan. Shann was left without parents when her mother and father were taken as tribute to the prophet. When Shann witnesses a strange man trying to block a Keltar from exacting more tributes, she tries to aid him. The result is Shann running for her life. Shann eventually joins with the man and others to fight back against the prophet's abuse of the Kelanni. They discover that the prophet is more than a tyrant. The prophet plans the destruction of the world as the Kelanni know it. To stop this destruction, Shann and her band must cross the Sea of Storms. This is great story, peopled by aliens of several races, set in a world full of strange alien creatures, and full of danger, deceit, and courage. Very highly recommended.

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